Sega Superstars Tennis £9.97 @Woolworths

Sega Superstars Tennis £9.97 @Woolworths

Found 8th Aug 2008
Let's play crazy tennis! Balls teleport, multiplay and explode, power-ups are thrown cross-court and characters unleash their amazing superstar skills. This is tennis with a twist. Join Sonic and his 15 friends on a trip to Planet Superstars, where the whole world is tennis crazy! Play ball in 10 whacky locations from an alien-filled spaceport to a zombiefied graveyard. Party game madness! Shooting dragons! Potting monkeyballs! Smashing zombies! And more in 8 wild party games.
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hot from me
Definitely Hot, but when I bought this game (it was 32.99 at that time), I just hated it as I found it useless.

Dont know if I am being a bit too harsh, but it was sooooooo boring game. Almost no innovative moves from any player.. :oops:
Seems to average around 7/10 so not bad for a tenner, apparently not a great game of tennis though:
great price ordered
Good deal

I wonder whether PC world will wriggle out of a pricematch for this
This game is only a tenner for a reason..... its was anticipated to be a good game coming from Sega and all.........

Worth it if you have kids who are into all the characters.......
my brother lover loves this game his 12
Hot Well Done!
Good price for a poor game but still hot.
good price nice find!
great find voted hot
Good price.

Would I enjoy this if I enjoyed the Mario Tennis games?
Don't 4get 4% from quidco :thumbsup:

Good price.Would I enjoy this if I enjoyed the Mario Tennis games?

No avoid it even at this price.

Good price for a poor game but still hot.


No avoid it even at this price.

make up your mind gooner!

its well worth it for £10

its not a great game but you can get enough enjoyment out of it for £10
Terrible game, rent before considering buying, I added it to my tesco dvd rental queue, upon receipt it was posted back to them the following day, gameplay is dire.

I can't see any decent tennis games coming out for the Wii until the much anticipated motion sensor controller add on is released with Wii Sports resort, which isnt due until the second quarter of 2009. Hopefully we will see something decent developed for this add on then.

In the meantime stick with Wii Sports tennis, still not the best relying on reaction time rather than skill, but much better than this cack.
i bought this instore today for same price , a handy stocking filler at least !
bought this today. kids aged 6, 9, 10 & 11 all loving it, so if it keeps them quiet for a while then voted hot from me! thanks
yay (*Sarcasm*)
Maybe good for others, or kids, but i hated this game.
Great price not my kind of game though....yawn
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