SEGA WII MADWORLD - £4.99 Delivered @ Laskys
SEGA WII MADWORLD - £4.99 Delivered @ Laskys

SEGA WII MADWORLD - £4.99 Delivered @ Laskys

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Set in a stylish, monochromatic black and white world, Madworld is a game that mixes the look of graphic novels with fully realised, next-gen environments.

And Varrigan City is where the game takes place. It's a city that has been seized by terrorists and turned into their own sporting arena; where "kill or be killed" is the only rule. Welcome to Death Watch.... As players battle enemies they must master the use of various weapons and items found within their environment, such as a chainsaws and street signs, and compete in minigames designed to push the players over the edge. With its irreverent humor and over-the-top violence Madworld delivers a visceral gaming experience that will be an instant classic on the Wii.

* Killer looks: Unique and stunning black and white stylised graphics based upon comic book graphic novels
* Exciting, instinctual gameplay: Fast, visceral, arcade-style gameplay with brutal finishing moves delivered by the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.
* Over-the-top violence: Vast array of murderous moves, exaggerated characters and monstrous bosses presented in an irreverent style.
* Multiplayer minigames: Variety of Wii party-games presented with an ultra-violent twist that can be played hotseat against friends.

Free delivery via Parcelforce as well + Cashback


Blimey, that's cheap!! Well spotted

Good price never used these before. But no longer have a wii.

the same price at comet if there are any in a store near you, but this is better as its delivered x

Disappears when I get to checkout ?!

Please note:

Thank you for shopping with us!

We will contact you shortly to discuss alternative delivery options.

Whats all that about! Not a good sign for a new customer i just want to be able to sign up and order it without faffing around!!

Just ordered one. Processed fine for me. topcashback too

Sega Wii?

Won't let me order! Not a great first impression of this. won't be using them ever again.
Not voted though

Worked fine for me after missing out on the Comet deal. 1 copy ordered with free delivery & 4.5% topcashback.

Nice find OP! Heat & Rep given!!

Playing this at the mo, Good game. Beat my price at ASDA for £10 a month ago.


Sega Wii?

Sega no longer make consoles only games.

Seems like a good price. Sadly, after providing all my details and the Mastercard Securecode password, their website took me back to an earlier step, so now I'm not sure if the order went through or if I need to try again. :x

"We do not deliver to Northern ireland"

just ordered with no problems, thank you.

Got a phone call from HSBC fraud prevention unit a few minutes after trying to complete this transaction and it turns out they blocked the transaction, shame the website didn't tell me this! HSBC insisted on sending me a new card even though there are no fraudulent transactions :? I'm a bit dubious about trying this website with a different card now though.

Worked fine for me last week, but I use Visa online verification if that makes any difference.


Worked fine for me last week, but I use Visa online verification if that … Worked fine for me last week, but I use Visa online verification if that makes any difference.

I think it's more likely HSBC being rubbish than Mastercard. It does beg the question though, what is the point of Securecode if they still block the transaction when you get the password right. I assume you got the product(s) you ordered?

got my order in after faffing around, picked the option for maestro with no start date, but it would keep on asking for a start date even though I did not pick the option and my card has no start date only issue number, so in the end I made a start date up!! and it went through.
been wanting to play this game so very good price.

Ordered with no probs. Thanks OP.

Seriously, this is an absolute steal at this price!

ordered hopefully it comes


£22.99 when added to checkout----expired

Ordered last night also ordered HOTD: Overkill for £9.99 from there. HOT

anyone got this yet ?

Mine turned up today, via parcelforce

Mine arrived today too. Thanks again OP.
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