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SEGA Shop - March Mania Sale now live (shirt, hat, socks, keyring and magnet bundles £19.99, plus more)
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
SEGA Shop has just launched a sale with up to 70% off selected products, including exclusive SEGA Shop bundles (raglan T-shirt, cap, socks, keyring and magnets) worth £55 down to £… Read more
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I want the jet set radio denim jacket on the sega shop us website! But they don’t ship to the uk(annoyed)


Awesome retro gear great deal m8 heat (y)


both megadrive wallets, a megadrive keyring and cuflinks are £5 with £2 postage, not bad when a wallet is £5+ on amazon on it's own.


Oh wow, really? I only paid £2 for a similar packet size before!


Stuff still pretty expensive. Nice junk though. Like the Dreamcast badges, candle holder and the Mega Drive key ring. I don't need it, I buy too much tat, but yeah....I really like it and want it for no reason lol

Sonic The Hedgehog Belt £12 Down To £2.50 at Sega Shop (+£2 Delivery)
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
15% off first order code (sign up to newsletter) takes the price down even further (to £2.13). Many more belts, hats, plush toys and other things reduced from £10 to £3 each.
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The belt looks like a waist of money, but heat for the price cut anyway :)


Some quality shirts there, picked up a couple. The belt tempted me until I realised I was in my 30s and hoping to avoid dying alone


After typing first order discount code, it did update my basket prices. This belt is £5 now. Evil voucher


Says out of stock


I had a Mario one gifted that did exactly that, i sat down n thought id got a spike sticking in me XD XD

Sega Shop Mega Drive Bundle £4.25 using code only for Black Friday (£2 p&p or free over £50)
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Sega Shop Mega Drive Bundle £4.25 using code only for Black Friday (£2 p&p or free over £50)
£6.25£2272%Sega Store Deals
Two wallets, a mini 3d megadrive console keyring and some 3d cufflinks! Also you can add a 3d master system console keyring at check out for just £1.70 more. That's a lot of retr… Read more

Code still valid - went for the bundle and a cool belt.


AWESOME! dreamcast merch at last!


Got the wallet this morning for £1 but had to get this for the key rings and cufflinks, would be cool if there was a Mega-CD and 32X keyring


No Sega Saturn merch, disgraceful! Heat added still (y)


15% off works. Great little gift. They also have a black Friday sale where I picked up a sonic Funko for cheaper than I've seen it before.

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Sega megadrive wallet 85p plus £2 delivery with code at sega shop
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Sega megadrive wallet 85p plus £2 delivery with code at sega shop
£2.85£759%Sega Store Deals
Sega megadrive wallet £1 but 85p with code GOFAST15 plus £2 delivery at sega shop 2 to choose from or buy both at 85p each and delivery still stays at £2 making them £1.85 each. … Read more

..surely even a 12 year old knows its you're and not your..


You sound like fun. :|


Pretty good if your 12.


wallets back up to £5, but the cuff links are still on sale


Compared to inset coin it’s all relatively cheap. But the only sale stuff at the moment are wallets and cuff links.

SEGA Forever (Android/iOS) Ad Free Half Price January Sale Now 99p Each
Found 6th Jan 2018Found 6th Jan 2018
SEGA Forever (Android/iOS) Ad Free Half Price January Sale Now 99p Each
£0.99£1.9950%Sega Store Deals
SEGA® Forever™ is a free and growing classic games collection of nearly every SEGA game ever released from every console era – Master System, Genesis/Mega Drive, Dreamcast, and mor… Read more
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Thanks! Just bought Gunstar Heroes with some Google play rewards credit.


Just downloaded the IOS version and Yes it does!


I've got a cracked PSP and it has every master system, mega drive, nes, SNES, gameboy, gba, lynx, and neo geo game ever made on it


Does the Crazy Taxi version on here have the original sound track with Offspring?


Anyone else that’s bought a few of these before, has restored purchases, yet still has adverts constantly popping up? 🤔

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Sega Forever 16 free classic Sega games on IOS & Android
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
Sega Forever 16 free classic Sega games on IOS & Android
The games are Sonic the hedgehog Sonic the hedgehog 2 Comix zone The revenge of Shinobi Streets of rage Golden axe Crazy taxi Eswat Decap Attack Beyond oasis Space harrier … Read more
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Back when EA was good and not evil!


Comes up us store not UK


Dude, Google Streets of Rage Remake blocked by Sega and tell us again how Sega listen to fans...


It was funded and published by them, the only company with the rights and inclination. Sonic Mania was pure fan service in many ways but it’s also a best-selling, critically acclaimed game that was nominated for many awards and enjoyed by a lot of people. Sega are becoming a poster child for listening to fans, and giving their blessing to the modding and remixing of their games. But hey, I’m sure the world will be a better place when they’re gone and the last two publishers on Earth are “DMCA” Nintendo and “$100 horse armour”EA-Blizzard-Ubi-Activision-Soft :P


One of the best games ever.

Crazy Taxi Steam Key
Found 13th Oct 2017Found 13th Oct 2017
Crazy Taxi Steam Key
Free Crazy Taxi Steam key, you need to complete a very short survey and subscribe to Sega's mailing list. Game - / 1. Complete… Read more

LOL, lets you complete the survey and then you get: THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED.Thank you for your participation. Shouldn't that be at the start of the survey before you waste 60 seconds of your life you won't get back (highfive)


Me too. Worse though...I already have the game and was getting the code for a friend. This deal sucks, lol.


Didn't know this was on PC. Just read the reviews and the music is wrong so I think I'll skip this as that was incredibly impiortnt to me.





Sega Forever (Altered Beast, Comix Zone, Kid Chameleon, Phantasy Star II and Sonic the Hedgehog) released on iOS & Android - FREE
Found 21st Jun 2017Found 21st Jun 2017
Sega Forever (Altered Beast, Comix Zone, Kid Chameleon, Phantasy Star II and Sonic the Hedgehog) released on iOS & Android - FREE
I love a bit of Sega. It was my preferred choice back in the day for gaming (Sega Master System and then the Mega Drive), a lad down the road had a NES which I'd go occasionally pl… Read more
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Thats level select, the Up C method was debug mode though also worked if C came first.


Irvine no more!



I can smell your virtue from here.


I hope they bring golden axe out on this, the short dwarf with the axe was amazing.

Make Love Not War 4 - Free steam games from Sega
Found 10th Feb 2017Found 10th Feb 2017
Make Love Not War 4 - Free steam games from Sega
That's right! It's back!! Free steam games from Sega!! Last time they were mainly part of the genesis collection, but given the amount of back catalogue they have been re-releasing… Read more
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Me too, not my cup of tea though so one for Illusionary :)


Yay I got Shining Force!


Thread title's wrong - Make War Not Love ;)


Website down.


The 'verify your age' part allows you to choose negative numbers X).

Sega offers free Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Steam keys to owners of the original
Found 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
Sega offers free Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Steam keys to owners of the original
Shamelessly stolen from PCGamer. This includes the expansions too, what I had to do was send them photos of the original game keys printed on the manuals. To get your free k… Read more
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Happy 1st birthday to this post!


thanks OP Got a mail back about it:- Please attach a legible image of the game, your receipt and the original product code to your next reply and we will take steps to resolve the issue. If you are missing any of these, please send an image of what you do have and we will see what we can do to help you. so off to take some more photo's


I just went ahead and bought the pack on steam for very little a few months back, good post though


[image missing]


thanks op!

Football Manager 2014 - £11.90 - PC Digital Download @ SEGA
Found 17th Apr 2014Found 17th Apr 2014
Football Manager 2014 - £11.90 - PC Digital Download @ SEGA
Football Manager 2014 for PC digital download via Steam It is a 66% off offer over Easter until the 23rd. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Bak up to £34.99...


Hi Matt I cant PM yet because this is a new account but do you still have the steam discount codes for Football Manager 2014?


Hot! I know that I can get it for a tenner, but would rather pay the little extra to get it now and not have to wait for delivery (which will be delayed by bank holiday weekend) and to get a disk that won't be used again as it comes with the steam code anyway.


Hi, Can you send me a steam coupon? Thanks!


I got a steam coupon for 75% off on steam making it £8.75 PM if you want one, have two

Football manager 14 full game download £17.49
Found 1st Feb 2014Found 1st Feb 2014
Football manager 14 full game download £17.49
Wave goodbye to your social life. Transfer windows closed, now time is to live it yourself. Looks to be half price, cheapest ive seen for a little while after it dropped in price … Read more
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Gamersgate have FM2014 on sale for £17.50 with £4 back in blue coins (blue coins are like credit for their website) not a great deal, but thought you may be interested. Link


A deal cannot be expired if it is still valid and as it still is, a mod has unexpired it.


im gunna leave it, its not a hot deal being only half price.


Needs unexpiring, price is still valid.

DanielleB and greenman gaming, have it on offer most often, or just keep checking hotukdeals! :p

Emulation thread
Found 31st Dec 2013Found 31st Dec 2013
Emulation thread

Is this link safe? ;)



Great thanks :-)


thank you,great stuff


Thanks :)

Typing Of The Dead: Overkill 1/2 price til 1st Nov. (PC) £7.49 @ sega
Found 29th Oct 2013Found 29th Oct 2013
Typing Of The Dead: Overkill 1/2 price til 1st Nov. (PC) £7.49 @ sega
I loved the Dreamcast game - it was worth getting a keyboard for the machine just for this one thing. The new PC version looks awesome and saving £7.50 buying it quick seems like … Read more
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It's USD 9.99 at half price so still cheaper if using the GMG code. Voted hot anyway. edit: How can half price be considered "cold"? Colder than another deal perhaps, but still hot.


5.99 on gamefly as well, i bought it from there as i try to stay away from greenman if i can :) the code is GFDOCT20UK i think


"Come for the deal. Stay for the better deal." Many thanks to HT UK for pointing this out and I hope it helps people save even more than I did. :)


Woot. Loved typing of the dead. This should be awesome


Sorry but it's cheaper at GMG like HT UK said. Cold

Aliens: Colonial Marines £3.30 @ Sega Digital Store
Found 2nd Aug 2013Found 2nd Aug 2013
Aliens: Colonial Marines £3.30 @ Sega Digital Store
Yes, you will all mostly vote cold, but for those of you who dont want to be a sheep, give this a try... They have massively patched the PC version, the Aliens are now super aggre… Read more
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I love the Aliens films and have played some of the old games. If this game was good I would buy it but how many times do people have to be advised that it is rubbish. I accept peoples verdict so why go well its quite cheap so I might as well get it. Leave it, the producers have obviously made a mess stop paying them for their mistake. "Game over man, game over....."


So is this the US site as it says $4.99 ? If so the UK site deal will be better for those who are paying by card and get high conversion charges. The UK site is £3.75. Still hot deal, just letting people know.


^ if you enjoy drinking a pint of pi5h


Game is much improved since the mahoosive patch. Looks good now and it's still fun to wander round Hadleys Hope with the motion tracked beeping away. The patch has also adjusted the AI and difficulty too. If it had been released in this state in the first place, there would have been far less complaints. Deffo worth the price of a pint I reckon.


Seen, not Briefly. And yes it is an improvement, but there are still major issues with this game. Visuals for me do not make a game, and considering the essential patch weighs in at a hefty 4GB, for me it only adds a slight sparkle to this turd as the fundamentals are still broken. Of course this is all my opinion, but obviously Gearbox and Sega are happy to let this three legged horse go to the glue factory rather than pasture as the recent prices everywhere indicate. It will be free in a packet of cornflakes soon. Personally AvP is a hell of a lot better experience.

Aliens:Colonial-Marines Steam PC - £3.75 @ SEGA Store
Found 2nd Aug 2013Found 2nd Aug 2013
Aliens:Colonial-Marines Steam PC - £3.75 @ SEGA Store
Not the greatest game ever but for £3.75 not to bad

Holy Batman & Robin thread revival - what a stupid post!


What a stupid statement! You know that for sure do you? Late 90s, i would say Quake, Doom etc where more played than those poorly implemented version. Its my opinion that this version is the best of them all. Its the only one ive wanted to come back and play until the end. Only down fall is Multiplayer is terrible, you can hardly find any players.


Hey, it's only £3.75 so.. no, actually, wait. This game only came out this year and despite the Aliens license they still have to try and shift it at this price. There'll be lots of people going for this because it's cheap but I'm still not going to bite.


I love the Aliens films and have played some of the old games. If this game was good I would buy it but how many times to people have to be advised that it is rubbish. I accept peoples verdict so why go well its quite cheap so I might as well get it. Leave it, the producers have obviously made a mess stop paying them for their mistake.


Thanks for this I've finally snapped it up too. Also if anyone is still interested in the Collectors Edition CEX in Gloucester and Cheltenham have them for £8 still shrink wrapped! I think this is their national price, so check your local one.

Football Manager 2013 £10.20 @ Sega
Found 23rd May 2013Found 23rd May 2013
Football Manager 2013 £10.20 @ Sega
Straight from Sega's website! It's a steam works title too. Sale is over after the weekend. Cheapest at £10.20 I think. Diego Simeone style suits not included.
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Normally a good price but the £7.99 from gamefly is hotter


Hot from me!! Just got this 2 days ago for £15 and I thought that was a good price!

Tokio Tablet 2.0 @ Sega Amusements £49.99 +VAT
Found 16th Dec 2012Found 16th Dec 2012
On my search to find a budget tablet I came across the Tokio Tablet 2.0 available from Sega Amusements, I never made the purchased so I dont know what the product is like. There is… Read more

I won one in a London amusements and it works like any other android tablet


I just recently won one of these tokio tablet 2.0 from the seaside amusement on my first go costing me £1 it is a good tablet but does it have to b on charge all the time because everytime I take it off charge it switches off can anyone help??


@clairemac1 hi, where did your son get them for £1? Thank you


My 10 year old son won the tokio tablet and smartphone off 1 pounds I was amazed so if you take it for what it is then they are fab. It's not an iPad so don't expect it to be at the cheap price you get what you pay fir but he us happy that's all that matters really.


My daughter. Won one they are good worth buying one

Various XBLA and PSN game bundles (Sega Vintage stuff)
Found 22nd May 2012Found 22nd May 2012
Various XBLA and PSN game bundles (Sega Vintage stuff)
As has already been pointed out - this isn't a deal. I've asked mods to delete. A fine vintage, indeed: some great classics and collections are now on their way to both Xbox Live… Read more

have not bothered with alex kid / wonder boy packs as ill be wanting to get both the streets of rage and golden axe collections on 30th think next episode of walking dead is out then aswell


Alex Kidd in Miracle World... Such an awesome game. Loved it on the Master System, one of my top gaming memories.


Cheers OP, I had no idea these games were coming out so your post is definitely worthwhile :)


Indeed, no reason to delete, some people have been waiting for these games to appear on XBLA / PSN :) Unfortunately true :(


No need to delete, mods should just move to misc

50% off on All Sega XBLA Games (From 19/04 - 25/04)
Found 18th Apr 2011Found 18th Apr 2011
50% off on All Sega XBLA Games (From 19/04 - 25/04)
Heads up - from today there is up to 50% off on a whole host of Sega games - check out some of these classics! After Burner Climax 800 MSP 400 MSP Altered Beast 400 MSP 200 MSP Co… Read more

and you've left sonic and knuckles off the list , i brought it yesterday , thats how i know its 120 points


sonic and knuckles for 120 points , dont matter how old it is for 120 points , cant go wrong , except now ive got a spare 80 points that ill probably have to spend on a hat or something as crap


Selling games for $2/3 when they are nearly as old as I am? Got to be a nutter to buy these.


own ten of them already but have some heat for some classic games :)


Bought Gunstar and Virtual On but wanted Rez! :( Why you no like Rez?!

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