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Seiko Gents Macchina Sportiva Chrono Watch SNAF83P1 Leather Strap, 43mm, Quartz 7T62, 100M WR, Hardlex £151.99 With Code @ Rubicon Watches

Seiko Gents Macchina Sportiva Chrono Watch SNAF83P1 Leather Strap, 43mm, Quartz 7T62, 100M WR, Hardlex £151.99 With Code @ Rubicon Watches

Posted 14th MayEdited by:"louiselouise"
*Edit 24th May: Thanks to BattleBeast1 - code RUBICON10 may be worth a try, seems to work on different gradings, ie, ex-display and new.
Takes all of the Macchina Sportiva variants down to £143.99*

*Different colours, see below*
Can see caironan and Yankeeexpress are commenting on this on MoT Forums (from ebay, though). Rubicon Watches have these for £151.99 with code web5

Here's an article about this range, here, "..a collaboration with Giugiaro Design". From Seiko's Conceptual Series.

New item, complete with Seiko gift box and manufacturers own 2 year international guarantee.3463161.jpg
3463161.jpg3463161.jpg3463161.jpg3463161.jpg3463161.jpg3463161.jpg3463161.jpgPrice comparison (note Amazon UK's listing is also from Rubicon Watches), here
H Samuel had the Orange variant for £215, but now OOS…ch/
3463161.jpgThe Blue Macchina Sportiva SNAF85P1 is also £151.99 with code web5…new
3463161.jpg3463161.jpg3463161.jpgAlso in Black SNAF87P1 for £151.99 with code…new
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That's a difficult watch to love
Mike_HUKD14/05/2020 01:57

That's a difficult watch to love

Yeah, I'm not a fan of it. One for those who like Special Editions, maybe. It has a curiously 1990s vibe.
I like it. But I like £150 better.
Edited by: "emlin" 14th May
Like the strap, not a lover of the watch though
I see @louiselouise . I press like(y)
Looks like a kids watch how awful
Close to being a great watch, but somehow misses the mark.
Looks like the type of watch someone called Kevin would wear.
They have some great ex-display prices too. Will have a rummage later and edit this post, was searching their website last night before I fell asleep. The Macchina Sportiva is a bit marmite

This "Pulsar Gents Digital Chronograph Rubber Strap Watch - PQ2049X1 x PNP" has "light marks on the glass" at £29.99, £28.49 with code web5…pnp
Ex-display is £10 more, New is £59.99, £56.99 with code web5…049
"Pulsar Gents Chronograph Digital Analogue Watch - PW6003X1 PNP" (ex-display) £39.99, £37.99 with code…pnp40746014-VXs9J.jpg40746014-7RXI6.jpg"Pulsar Gents RARE Chronograph Watch - PW4011X1 PNP" (ex-display) £59.99, £56.99 with code web5…pnp40746014-UyOmt.jpg40746014-srUwv.jpg"Pulsar Gents Solar Powered Dress Watch - PNP PX3167X1" (ex-display), £39.99, £37.99 with code web5
(Also available New for £9 more…167 )…7x140746014-Ml8jA.jpg40746014-LoBZW.jpg"Pulsar Gents Automatic Watch - PU7025X1 NEW" £75, £71.25 with code web5…new
(The Black version is around £13 more)40746014-Jahcq.jpg40746014-QhqIv.jpg
Edited by: "louiselouise" 14th May
"Pulsar Gents RARE Chronograph Watch - PX7011X1 PNP" (ex-display) £59.99, £56.99 with code web5…pnp40746335-6qfOW.jpg40746335-EL5IW.jpg"Pulsar Gents Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch - PM3047X1-PNP" (ex-display), £59.99, £56.99 with code web5…pnp40746335-JrQUp.jpg40746335-8OtTz.jpg"Pulsar Gents Analogue Digital World Time Watch - PZ4012X1 x PNP" (ex-display - Note: Extremely light marks in/around the case which can only be seen on close inspection.) £39.99, £37.99 with code…pnp40746335-a8L8w.jpg40746335-J1Vpz.jpgI looked at Pulsar especially but I'll add more later...need to step away from the computer (didn't know Pulsar produced Automatics).

Also, I'm not sure how "Rare" some of them are, just quoting Rubicon's blurb. Some of the Pulsars above are getting into Edifier-territory, ie, busy dials.
Edited by: "louiselouise" 14th May
They also have lots of Henry London watches from £19.99, or £18.99 with code (tbf, I've seen this brand discounted in TK Maxx on and off but never saw any I liked)…don
(I do like this one, but have never seen it on sale)

An example: "HLNP HL39-SS-0086 Henry London Hampstead Unisex Leather Strap Watch" (ex-display), £19.99, £18.99 with code web5…tch40746647-TyAix.jpg40746647-YcmKY.jpg"Rotary Ladies "Les Originales" Windsor Watch - LS90153/41 NEW" £89.99, £84.55 with code…new
(Watches2U have it for £…ml)40746647-lK7bC.jpg40746647-iwnON.jpgSeiko Coutura Ladies Blue Diamond Solar Watch SUT351P9-NEW £139.99, £132.99 with code web5…new40746647-urEUU.jpg40746647-xi7CJ.jpgFor any playas who are a bit skint! The 'Diamond' text on the dial is a bit naff, though.
"Sekonda Gents Diamond Stainless Steel Watch Watch - 3906-SNP" (ex-display), £19.99, £18.99 with code web5…snp40746647-fZTSp.jpg40746647-vfwZQ.jpg
Edited by: "louiselouise" 14th May
I'd make this one into a Deal post if it didn't have only 4 in stock!
"Seiko 5 Gents Automatic Divers Style Sports Watch - SRPD53K1 NEW" £189.99, £180.49 with code web5…new40747069-QBW7e.jpg40747069-hOwXO.jpg"Seiko Ladies Premier Watch - SXB429P1-NEW" £149, £141.55 with code web5…new40747069-sewZv.jpg40747069-ACCim.jpg"Seiko Unisex PVD Gold Plated Watch - SKY738P1 SQNP" (ex-display) £69.99, £66.49 with code web5…qnp40747069-68C6U.jpg40747069-b7UgD.jpg"Seiko Ladies Stainless Steel Dress Watch - SRZ496P1 SQNP" (ex-display) £59.99, £56.99 with code…qnp40747069-nKOSx.jpg40747069-V4mwT.jpg
Edited by: "louiselouise" 14th May
"Seiko Gents EXCLUSIVE Solar Powered Watch SUP861P1-NEW" £69, £66.49 with code…new
(Creation Watches has it for £…tml )40747321-XIRAq.jpg40747321-Rpb97.jpg"Seiko Gents Le Grand Sport Solar Two Tone Watch SNE398P9-NEW" £115, £109.25 with code web5…new40747321-ZESBB.jpg40747321-YrFX7.jpg"Seiko Ladies Solar Powered Diamond Watch - SUP258P9 NEW" £139.99, £132.99 with code…new40747321-8Jy9b.jpg40747321-ATgkt.jpg"Accurist Gents Automatic Bracelet Watch MB915S-ANP" (ex-display) £69.99, £66.49 with code web5…anp40747321-xmh3O.jpg40747321-GhO3f.jpg
Edited by: "louiselouise" 14th May
"Accurist Gents Quartz Gold Plated Pocket Watch - 7213-ANP" (ex-display), £29.99, £28.49 with code web5…anp40747870-rAXFs.jpg40747870-zhJvU.jpg(Suppose these are trying to look like Michael Kors-alike watches)
"Lorus Ladies Gold Plated Bracelet Watch RG230KX9-LNP" (on their website ex-display for £17.99)
Or this option, "very very light marks on the case - barely noticeable!" £14.99, £14.19 with code…lnp

The Turquoise RG234KX9-LNP is £17.99, £17.09 with code web5 on their website, ex-display
Or "with light marks on the case" £14.99, £14.19 with code web5 https//ww…lnp
40747870-irFLV.jpg40747870-cC4B2.jpgAnother MK-alike
"Lorus Ladies Rose Gold Plated Bracelet Watch - RRW02FX9 LNP" £22.99, £21.84 with code web5…lnp40747870-JCkZ9.jpg40747870-NXSBR.jpgLorus Ladies Stainless Steel Watch with Matching Bracelet RRW23DX9-LNP £19.99, £18.99 with code web5…lnp40747870-Bs09c.jpg40747870-w9IEy.jpg
Edited by: "louiselouise" 18th May
There's also a bundle of (ex-display) Cross Watches RRP £100+ for £19.99, but I find the designs a bit blah.…oss
An article about their watches from 2012, and yes, it's the pen manufacturer…es/40748402-hhDAI.jpg
Good price for a titanium watch, 50M Water Resistance too!
"Sekonda Gents Titanium Watch 3823-SNP" (ex-display) £24.99, £23.74 with code…snp40754338-yHCj4.jpg40754338-5mTvw.jpg
Edited by: "louiselouise" 18th May
I copy/pasted a quote elsewhere about Lorus/Pulsar/Seiko and a WUS member suggested that they can all have similar designs, or, depending on the market, it can be the same watch with a different (Seiko-owned) brand.

This Lorus watch looks very familiar...!
"Lorus Gents Stainless Steel Sports Watch RH901GX9-LNP" (ex-display) £29.99, £28.49 with code web5…lnp40766666-Kttco.jpg40766666-3A0tC.jpgSeiko 5 Automatic SRPB85K1, anyone?
40766666-2W0io.jpgI suspect there's a Pulsar-alike as well, but not 100% sure. This one is detective skills are failing me this morning.40766666-Q7Ra1.jpg
Edited by: "louiselouise" 18th May
Some Rotarys:

"Rotary Gents Avenger Watch - GB05340/02 NEW" £74.99, £71.24 with code web5…new
40786218-p3IOo.jpg40786218-WRpjv.jpg"Rotary Gents Date Display Chronograph Watch - GB00410-04" NEW £74.99, £71.24 with code web5…new40786218-9svVO.jpg40786218-8h2dS.jpg"Sekonda Gents Chronograph Leather Strap Watch - 3462-SNP" (ex-display) £24.99, £23.74 with code…snp
Edited by: "louiselouise" 18th May
Thanks to BattleBeast1 - code RUBICON10 may be worth a try, seems to work on different gradings, ie, ex-display and new.
Edited by: "louiselouise" 24th May
Is it the Still or Fizzy version?
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