Seiko Kinetic Velatura SRH001P1 was 650 now £299 delivered @ First Class Watches

Seiko Kinetic Velatura SRH001P1 was 650 now £299 delivered @ First Class Watches

Found 14th Mar 2009
About 2 months ago there was a massive price drop for these on the site and sadly I never bought one. The price has come down to more or less the same deal, so I've just ordered mine now.

Original deal:…as/

Professional and recreational sailors alike require one thing above all else in their choice of watch: reliability. They have to be able to trust their watch to perform, year in and year out, without fear of it winding down or of battery drain. For the most demanding watch users on the high seas, Kinetic Direct Drive is the ultimate technology of trust. Wear it and it maintains perfect time. It is recharged by the wearer's motion, but Kinetic Direct Drive can also be wound by hand. When winding the crown, the wearer can see the precise amount of energy generated on the Direct Drive indicator. Leave it for a few days and you can wind it to see the power being transmitted to the watch in real time - the perfect re-assurance that the watch is both operational and adequately charged.

Kinetic Direct Drive is an expression of SEIKO's emotional technology. It is built to allow maximum interaction with the wearer. It takes its energy from its wearer and allows him or her to relate in real time to its functions. To wear Kinetic Direct Drive is to experience time in a human, visceral and emotionally satisfying way. Like Velatura itself, Kinetic Direct Drive is built for the oceans.

Kinetic DirectDrive
Powered by the movement of your body
Can also hand wind for power
Power reserve store
Stainless steel case and bracelet
Crown protection system
Textured 3D effect dial pattern
Day/date window
100m water resistance

Complete with Seiko Presentation box and instructions
2 year guarantee


work for them by any chance lol. 2 posts so far both for first class watches

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Hey? No I don't work there. I'm new here, I thought if I posted in the expired thread it might go back up to the top?
Sorry if that isn't the right way?

I've been after one of these watches for a while, and I just found the same deal again..

You posted it fine hun was just having a laugh with you

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Oh right, no worries:)


good price, heat added

Looks great, does it tell the time too?

I'm sooooooo tempted.

A better price than the origional price,but not a big fan of Seiko,think they have gone downhill over the years,my dad used to swear by them! I brought a Seiko about 5yrs ago,automatic,and its never been a great time keeper,always losing minutes! Tissot have some nice watches,maybe a little more in price,but good time-keepers!

Can't see any dimensions on there? Anyone know how big it is?

Skinny wrists + big watch = FAIL

Case Diameter: 49mm including crown
Case Thickness: 11mm

Hope this helps.
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