Seinfeld - 5 & 6 (Gift Set) [DVD] - £11.88 delivered @ Amazon

Seinfeld - 5 & 6 (Gift Set) [DVD] - £11.88 delivered @ Amazon

Found 9th Apr 2009
This fabulous box set contains all of the episodes from seasons five and six of the award winning US TV series. Also included in this gift set is a limited edition mini 'Puffy Shirt' and a limited edition script.

The infamous 'show about nothing' hit its stride in the fifth season, when it reached number three in the ratings, and scored some of its most memorable episodes. Jerry Seinfeld and co-creator Larry David ('Curb Your Enthusiasm') have drawn inspiration from the mundanities and absurdities of their own life experiences many of which are New York-centric and shaped them into the stories that have made Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), George (Jason Alexander), Kramer (Michael Richards), and Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) some of the most popular and enduring characters on television. In season five, Jerry finds out Elaine faked her orgasms when they were dating, and convinces her to let him try again. George moves back in with his parents, and experiences a reversal of his bad luck when he decides to do the opposite of everything he normally does. Jerry's girlfriend refuses to give Elaine toilet paper in the ladies' room, while Kramer recognises her voice from a sex hotline. The season also includes the episodes 'The Glasses', 'The Masseuse', 'The Fire', and 'The Hamptons'. The middle of the sixth season, which also marks the first year 'Seinfeld' peaked at number one on the ratings, sees the show meeting its hundred-episode mark, with a double-episode showcase of highlights. Also, Elaine tries to convert a gay man, Jerry's apartment has a flea infestation when his parents come to town, Kramer has a kidney stone and vows a healthier lifestyle, and George gets a toupee.

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