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BMW 2 series Grand Tourer 218i SE 5 door  £8825.42.@ Select Car Leasing
Found 13 h, 54 m agoFound 13 h, 54 m ago
I’ve been looking for a new lease deal as ours come to an end in September and thought this looked like quite a good deal. I know leases are not everyone’s cup of tea and this car … Read more

If you can afford to buy one, and it's cheaper to lease it, then lease it! Honestly don't understand these crackpots, that hijack every lease deal with words of zero wisdom!




I got a new active tourer M sport last month and I love it.


If you cant afford to buy one -then you cant afford to lease it - Think it over :S


All the good deals are manual :(

Audi S4 saloon 24 month lease deal  6 + 23 at £322.95/month (9365.56 + agent cost) Selectcarleasing
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Seems like a good deal above deal is for 5000miles/year and mileage can be increase to 10,000 with a small increase in monthly cost

£362pm, 6x23, £0 fee, 12p per mile excess. Audi fleet were a dream to deal with. That’s with 10k miles per year, metallic paint and virtual cockpit. So could be cheaper, but I had my wants.


One thing I'm not keen on with Audi is they charge you extra for everything. In the equivalent BMW it would be included but not so with Audi. Electric folding mirrors Heated seatsSide air bagsRear camera Essential though I think is virtual cockpit which works out about £7-8 per month extra on the lease.


I think the price may have dropped further, I can't remember the lease company name but was now sub £300 (£297 I think it was) with £3k initial payment. That was also based on higher mileage not the base 5k a year. I was considering the S5 sportback and not so keen on the S4 but the price difference is huge now. Just got the issue of getting rid of my current car.


No idea why this is cold. You couldn't own any car like this (Audi, BMW, Kia, whatever) for 9k over 2 years (that's depreciation I am on about of course it costs more than that to buy it). Therefore good deal. I have an S5 and it has been 100% reliable since I got it new last April (on lease) other than a silly issue with the auto drop down windows which happened once and can be sorted out without a dealer. The A4 doesn't have frameless doors so won't have this issue. As for the comparison with the Kia Stinger.... Whilst I do like Kia as a car brand (we have the S5 and a Sportage) it just doesn't look right to me with respect to the styling. The lines just don't look right. Only reasons I wouldn't consider one is I like having 4WD, the service intervals are supposedly pretty dire compared to the flexible one on the Audi (might have imagined this though) and the MPG is a lot worse according to official figures (I know they are BS but normally if the figure is bad real life is terrible). I think I'd get over the looks if everything else was equal with the Audi and the price to lease was right (was about £600 a month last time I saw one). Having owned an S4 in the past I have no desire to own a car like this whatever brand it is. They depreciate like hell and are a nuisance to get rid of at a fair price. Dealers have your pants down with trading in and you have to be patient selling any other way.


ezzer72, get off your high horse, what the hell has Kia or your opinions got to do with if this is a good deal or not? No, absolutely nothing. Pathetic really.

Jaguar e-pace car lease starts at Monthly Payment £233.00 inc VAT Initial Payment: £2,097.04 inc VAT 48m  5000 miles  £13,048.04 @ SelectCarLeasing
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Jaguar new e pace * Including VAT on personal lease * Includes new government tax * check the best combination of deposit months + duration of lease that best suits you (24 /36/ 4… Read more
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Says the person who decided to personally message me on a thread not used since February and make a complaint. Because there isn't. An MOT covers the fourth year of a cars life, not months 25-36. Your lease firm has set you a rule. Not all lease firms do this. And failed. VWFS certainly don't to my knowledge but most of my leases are 24 mths. But I am not wrong. You do not have to do an MOT for a car that you are not liable for unless the T&Cs state so. You have experienced that. It is not the experience of all leasors. Yes I have. I do - check all the other HUKD lease threads... No - that would appear to be your remit. But thanks for your contribution! (y)


I am not on a rant, actually you are, you pointed out there is no MOT on a 36 month lease, to which I corrected you, this is not the terms of my lease company but also the terms of the previous two companies I have used, I would be very interested to find a lease company that does not apply this. Since I corrected you all you have done is try to back up your false information rather than holding your hand up and saying oops 'I'm wrong'. Have ever even had a 36 month lease? are you talking from experience or just trolling (aka trying to be a know it all smart ar$e).


So what was the point of your rant? You're upset that your lease company won't allow you to return early and/or force you to do a service/MOT at cost? Better choose a different company next time...


A 24 month for the lease I have is £30 a month more... Costing £720 extra. I'd rather pay £30 for an MOT


Well obviously you need to have (in theory) two services on a 36mth. Better lease a 24 month car next time...

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JAGUAR XF 2.0i PRESTIGE auto lease pch, £163.99/month, initial £1475.93 - £5247.68 @ Select Car Leasing
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Cracking price for the entry level ‘Prestige’ variant on this 200ps saloon , price mentioned is for 5k miles but they also provide higher mileage allowances if you need it, cost ca… Read more
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Glad you are enjoying it, quality car


Had mine delivered today and have to say it is a fantastic car. Had many deals off HUKD in the past, including my last lease but this, for the price is the best thus far. Thanks all.


Anyway, time for a mass car wash on this lovely day


Yes, the dealer drove 20miles to deliver the car, trip said 40mpg. i have been driving normally city, short run up a road and averaging 30mpg. I’m OKnwith that, it’s a big comfy car after all. my 2006 golf gti was roughly the same mpg before I sold it for the XF. GTR does 22mpg, driving normally. Single digits when ‘on song


Yeah it's very nice. Hitting 30mpg currently. I'd never want to own one of these outright, unless it was a diesel. One thing to consider once the lease ends though! Diesel portfolios are way further north in costs than what we got though.

Mini Cooper 5dr SD chilli/media XL pack 48months lease £146/month - £8350 @ Selectcarleasing
Found 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
Great leasing deal for very well specced car. It is 48 months deal which are rather rare so will cost just over £2k a year for 8000 miles

Why would anyone want the same car for 4 years?!?


why is this remotely hot? In the 4th year of the lease you would be liable for anything that went wrong with the car as it will be outside of manufacturers warranty. Am I missing something?


I read all of these posts/arguments and forgot what the deal was for.


Out of stock apparently


My comment has been deleted? Stated a good price, but not on a 4 year deal. 3 years are fine and at least under warranty

Audi A6 estate 1.8 TFSI Black Edition lease £221.99/month + £1,997.89 - £7326.65 @ Select car leasing
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
As per title, at £222 per month looks as decent deal. You can have 2.0TFSI for £307pm.

Definitely a petrol as all the other details correspond as such.


It was probably available back then. Who's the fool now?


Under details it says pertrol... but under standard features it states "Diesel particulate filter"?....Which is it?


I also realised there is new model in on the beginning of 2018 I think so I think I will look for new model....


Excellent company bad deal

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Audi A6 Black Edition, 1.8TFSI, S Tronic, 24 months, 5 k miles, 203.99pm, 1835 initial payment @ Select Car Leasing
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
Audi A6 Black Edition, 1.8TFSI, S Tronic, 24 months, 5 k miles, 203.99pm, 1835 initial payment Very cheap for a blacked out A6 with 20" alloys and added bonus of S Tronic.
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Mines arriving in a few weeks. Emailed them yesterday and they replied back but didn't mention anything regarding cancellation. Although I ordered through Central UK lease.


Did anyone get theres? Got a call that its been cancelled due to error from finance company


I never understand why these company keeps 5k or 10k ..!! Average people drives more than 10k easily so what is the point to keep that low mileage.!!!


Which company did you order with? Not had a call myself. With regards to the price it isn't really an error and I'd say the the price is right as the new A6 is soon to be released. Therefore cheaper deals on the A6 should be expected throughout the year


Got a call today, leasing agent said all the orders are cancelled as there was a error with the price.

Nissan Qashqai 1. dCi N-connecta 5dr [Glass Roof Pack] 23 x £200.08 + £2034.68 Upfront 10K miles total £6,660.56 @ Select Car Leasing
Found 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
Had a quick look around at leasing deals for the Qashqai and spotted this, which seems to be a great price over 24 months. Estimated 73MPG, Sat Nav, 18" Alloys, Bluetooth, Climate… Read more
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The 1.5L DCI engine (shared with Renault), was recently outed as the MOST polluting diesel engine in production; with REAL LIFE test outputs reaching over 200 times the "lab" test results that got it the Euro6 rating. A 10 year old Transit van is less polluting.


i have had a 1.5dl Qashqai for 2 years. i have to say it is an amazing car. i went from a 2.0 petrol VW passat sport to this and i have to say i prefer this. Although pick up is not as good as a petrol it is comparable on all other fronts. Nil road tax and the spec that Nissan provide even on the basic model is brilliant. I have owned a VW, Fiat, Toyota and Honda and can honestly say that this is the best so far.


On yes lease they have one for 10k £219 a month, no deposit of processing fee! Not a great deal


Oh so a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds with a caravan,is what you want? Why didn't you say


The diesel engine may have a more torque, but still takes 12 seconds to get to 60mph (well on the tests anyway, you'd never drive like they do it, so more than 12 seconds). Add on nearly a tonne for a caravan and you've got yourself one slow car. Good luck getting your 73mpg then lol

Jaguar Xf Saloon 2.0i R-Sport 4dr Auto [2018] 2 Year Lease deal £199.98 a month £1,736.86 inc VAT initial payment £6536.38 @ Selectcarleasing
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
£1,736.86 inc VAT initial payment then £199.98 a month for 6000 miles on a 2 year deal
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But over 10 years youd have had 5 cars worth total of about 170k? Rather than one car at 35? And after 10 years youll get what 7k if your lucky? Plus maintenance. Youre missing the point. Often said. You wanna own a car long term. Buy. You wanna change it every 2 years. Lease.look at what youve spent at the end. Vs what youve got.


I take it you saved up for your house and bought it outright? Im not about showing off as a big spender. Im about getting what i like and want.... as cheap as possible. Anyone paying more (regardless of depreciation) on principle is welcome to. Take it you'd also pay sticker price on anything as you can afford it? The intelligence in some of these posts is shocking... its funny the amount that are against leasing (losing less money) but happy to have a mortgage or a loan for a wedding or a credit card. Your principles aren't worth jack when you're dead. J


No, I meant you, not the car!


It is a Chav car


£224.99/month now on 9+23 :(

Bmw 420d Gran coupe msport - £2159.89 Deposit and £239.99 pm for 24 months. 5k Annual mileage (Total = £7919.65) @ Select Car Leasing
Found 23rd Sep 2017Found 23rd Sep 2017
Sensible lease offer for a nice car, you can change mileage and contract term on their website depending your needs
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Despite proving evidence from a respected third-party? Edit: Changed your name Arry?


I only argue as you are WRONG there is no ban been announced you are making it up.


What is self-centered and dismissive of calling a ban a ban? If it doesn't affect you, why are you so concerned about it and continue to argue with me? Once again - a restriction allows you do something but with a clause/caveat/charge. A ban doesn't allow you to do it. As I've said already twice this morning - the T-Charge is a restriction (a tax in this actual instance), not a ban.


Not at all I fully understand it's just your definition of a "ban" is very self centred and dismissive of others it will not affect 95% of the UK geographical area and will never affect rural areas such as me. A ban would be national affecting everyone until then it's a restriction. But fact is there is no ban, merely an additional tax.


You still have big issues knowing the difference between a restriction and a ban. don't you? You think all of this will happen within ten years? Or even by 2040? Forget about hydrogen - UK is far too behind in the infrastructure and it doesn't offer the economy that people require. Good luck with that school of thought. I'll buy you a dictionary for Christmas so you can check three new words: restriction, ban and lobbyists.

Hyundai Tucson 1.7 CRDi Blue Drive SE Nav 5dr 5000 miles a year Select Car Leasing 24 month lease £4607.66
Found 25th Mar 2017Found 25th Mar 2017
Hyundai Tucson 1.7 CRDi Blue Drive SE Nav 5dr £143.99 x 23 = £3311.77 £1295.89 x1 Total £4607.66 = £192 per month 24 month lease Only 5000 miles a year can increase if needed

Has anyone actually leased this car?


No feedback in car deals my friend , just the usual brigading for and against owning a premium vs. Budget car


Hi I'm considering going down car lease route and just wanted a bit of feedback from members who've been offered to buy the car at end....was you offered a good price at the end?? Thanks


​Very good post/points mate, though it wasn't me that made the silly claim about BMW and Merc autos - hopefully anyone else reading will notice the typo which makes it look like I would say something so absurd :)


Do they even make many auto gearboxes? The reliable makers of auto gearboxes are Borg-Warner, ZF, JatCo and Getrag who make most BMW auto boxes. They also supply the same gearboxes to other car makers. I don't know if Getrag put special fairy dust on the ones for BMW though? For example, the Getrag 217 is in the BMW 3 series, 5 series, Z4 and ..... Alfa Romeo Giulia. Getrag are the German subsidiary of Magna who are a Canadian company. They make their products all around the world.

Nissan Qashqai Diesel Hatchback £10759.19 - SelectCarLeasing
Found 13th Mar 2017Found 13th Mar 2017
Seems like a good deal based on 4 year Personal Lease, 3 months down (£672.44) and 10K miles pa
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You omit the obvious - anything beyond three years is outside warranty and MOT.


Yep I actually put £224.15 in my original post but looks like HUKD convert it to a total over 4 years


I would never lease over 4 years, maximum i would do is two years.


Lease companies could offer to take the car back early if partial repayment for remaining future term is made. The hit was around 50% for returning my 24m lease 1m early for example. Saying that, 4 years is a massive commitment and I would never sign up for something like this unless the price was super mega cheap. Lease for 2 years and you may need one service, and no need to change tyres, brake pads etc; 4 years and you have the usual issues associated with owning used cars popping up. And no way to updgrade to a better, newer facelift model.


Years of practice working out benefits

Ford Fiesta 1.25 Lease 4 years £119.99 p/m total cost £6839.41 @ select car leasing
Found 7th Mar 2017Found 7th Mar 2017
Just got this through on email. £119.99 per month for this seems quite good! 1) Yes it's a lease so no you don't own the car 2) Yes you could buy a second hand 3.0 litre BMW 3 se… Read more
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Don't forget, this will require an MOT exactly 3 years after is registration date, so if it fails for what ever reason, you'll be covering the costs as this lease is for 4 years. Getting a 24 month lease means you'll hand the car back before an MOT is due.


Contract Hire and Leasing


How did you find this out of interest, google search or is there a website for searching best deals? On the look out for a lease, but have not seen anything appropriate on here. Thanks


Cheaper elsewhere for the same terms and mileage, assuming there is no fee for your deal at £139.99/net/mth: £136.74/net/mth with GB Vehicle Leasing:


the benefit of a lease is that its meant to be fairly short term ( less than 2years) so that there is no ownership costs associated with it, so a 4 year lease seems stupid, as mentioned previously. i was just showing what the best PCP deal is likely to look like. the 3 year lease you mentioned doesnt seem too bad, so if i were looking for a cheap car just to last 3 years, id probably go with that as it is much cheaper than the alternative PCP

Audi A5 Coupe Lease - £221.99 pm - £1997.89 (initial rent) total cost @ Select Car Leasing
Found 29th Jan 2017Found 29th Jan 2017
Audi A5 Coupe 2.0 TFSI SE 2dr [2017] Lease for £221.99 a month with a 9 months initial rental at £1997.89 for 2 years with 10,000 miles per annum allowance. I would get it but my l… Read more
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the same as above happened with National Vehicle solutions price on HUKD was just under £100 per month for an Audi A3 1.0 hot deal! I spoke to them and sent several messages to take out the deal and nobody got to me and then finally got reply in January 2017 to state price has now increased due to new year etc I could NOT believe it terrible company AVOID!!!


Im still looking as the deal I was looking for has now gone everywhere else, so back to square one. The car was £197 on website, then when the finance was accepted and I got an @official quote, it had jumped to £244. So I questioned it and have heard NOTHING back- sharks


​Can you please suggest which dealer you went to? I was seriously thinking of contacting this company for another deal as their deals look cheaper and reviews looked great (maybe too good to believe). But after reading some people's experience on this thread, I won't go for them.


Calm down love!


Probably cold because of the company , don't judge the car tho , excellent driving cars , real mile munchers . I also don't tail gate , I don't flash my lights, wave a fist or stick 2 fingers up . When I have run out of patience and undertaken it's amazing how many people to it to me tho .....don't figure .

Skoda Octavia 1.6TDI SE-L Hatchback 15k miles per year 48mth lease £200.39pm with £1803.49 deposit @ selectcarleasing
Found 29th Jan 2017Found 29th Jan 2017
Here you have a top of the range Skoda for the price of a fiesta! 1.6TDI diesel engine with decent fuel economy. the deal is for 15K miles per year but can be easily personalised. … Read more

It fails the purpose of leasing as pre reg can be bought for 12k so there is no balloon payment in the end Not advertised on website but our local mervyn stewart has them in stock It's not a deal sorry


It is the way forward, especially if the cost of the lease beats depreciation.


I must admit to seriously thinking about leasing my next car rather than buying it. There are going to be so many changes to cars in the next few years that I don't want to be saddled with an un-saleable car in a few years.


Not as an ownership prospect it isn't. I'd avoid any diesel unless you are doing north of 20k miles a year.


Just an industry opinion....if your in the market for not very flashy, Euro family transport then this car ticks all the boxes. If this is a value for money thread/forum then the Octavia a year old is probably the best starting place.

Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TSI 280 R 24 month Lease £1825 + £202.79 x 23 (£4664) = £6489 (Inc VAT) over two year term. @ Select car leasing
Found 5th Jan 2017Found 5th Jan 2017
VW R VW Scirocco R Profile 9+23 £1825 + £202.79 x 23 (£4664) = £6489 over two year term. 5000k p/a rrp of vehicle is £33,100.00 Deal is 19.6% of value On Autotrader two year o… Read more
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Residuals won't hold once the new car is out.


So it might be cheaper to buy it new and sell it in 2 years. Remind us what the finance costs on a loan of £28K? If you can get a loan that is. Surely cheaper to buy a £150 car and save even more. The reason personal leasing is rising is because folk can't/don't want to get a £28k loan.


select are useless. wait all day on a formal quote then they put their prices up over £40/month when it eventually artives


5k LOL


DSG here for you buddy at £6263 over 24 months

Ford Fiesta Hatchback 1.0 EcoBoost ST-Line Navigation 3dr [2017] - Select Car Leasing - £166.34 pcm: 3yr lease,3month upfront and 10K miles pa - PERSONAL LEASE
Found 15th Dec 2016Found 15th Dec 2016
Seems like quite a good deal for this sportyish, eco hatch Price based on lease over 3 years, 3 months upfront and 10,000 miles pa - other options available. Vehicle Information … Read more
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not really


I'd take you for a spin in my 2door if you really want sporty... Oh it's 192bhp though and not far off that mpg too[/quote] String backed leather driving gloves? Toblerone? Slippers?[/quote] No of the above, esp now they've made toblerones even smaller


[/quote]I'd take you for a spin in my 2door if you really want sporty... Oh it's 192bhp though and not far off that mpg too[/quote] String backed leather driving gloves? Toblerone? Slippers?


£216.68 for personal. Not sure if this is a good deal?


Well done dear.

Mercedes-Benz E Class Coupe E200 AMG Line Edition 2dr 7G-Tronic [2017] lease £6600 selectcarleasing
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Seems like a really good deal for a £45k car. Starts from £199 for 5k miles which of course to some isn't enough but 10k is only an extra £50 it seems. Initial payment of 9 months… Read more
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I had one as a courtesy car for a couple of weeks, it was rather thirsty and felt a bit slow. Diesel would be faster and more economical or if you want petrol -> e400


wished they had one for estate model :(


So the leasing companies normally pay for the VED so the increase they'll pass on to the consumers?




Just to confirm this is now sold out - just spoke to a dealer on the phone from select car leasing. Great deal though.

[Update dropped by £96.32] Smart Fortwo Coupe 1.0 Passion 2dr 2YR Lease - 10k mileage pa £83.00 x 23 + upfront payment £719.91 = £2559.68 Inc Vat  @ Select Car Leasing
Found 25th Oct 2016Found 25th Oct 2016
Edit - Price has dropped again by £96.32! Similar to the Smart FourTwo deal posted a few weeks back but £20 cheaper overall. Upfront payment is required on this one but in my op… Read more
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Did you have a nice Christmas....


this is an absolute rip off! a new vw polo (with free 1 years insurance) drops by this amount in 2.5 years (ie. leave 6 months before warranty expires for buyers peace of mind) so.. is this Smart four two (check your mirrors to make sure no one sees you get out of it) really worth £9k (cost of a new polo through a decent broker like Drivethedeal) plus a VW polo is a respectable highly desirable car and has better peace of mind you wont get squished in a pile up situation.


AND 11.5% AT TCB WITH ala


If only they had automatics available. Hopefully something will pop up soon, we're half way through the quarter so they might start trying to shift stock? Heated.


What are the maintenance costs? Seems it needs to be serviced yearly.

Skoda Octavia Hatchback 1.4 TSI 150 SE Sport 5dr (2017) Lease £1259.82 upfront + £139.98 monthly inc VAT 24 months 10K mileage p.a. @ Select Car leasing
Found 14th Oct 2016Found 14th Oct 2016
Inspired by the Octavia deal a couple of days back, spotted this which is the cheapest I can find at the moment with a smaller upfront. Obviously monthly will be higher but it may … Read more
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Does anyone know any other deals for a different hatch back around the same price. Thanks in advance. Looking to get rid of my Vauxhall Astra 2011. None stop issues and fed up with lookers (4 times in a row same Problem and they claim they fixed it and haven't)


​Mr bean drives it and he got a mclarren as well I think what else u want


1.6 diesel at my local for 13,500 pre reg though so this should not worth more than 10k 20k price tag Only suits a posh car


I can't give you details of the 1.4TSI but my 1.6TDI gives me about 63MPG compared to the claimed 74.3MPG so about 85% of what's claimed. My MPG is based on filling up from an almost empty tank rather than the computer. I do try to drive as economically as possible. My commute is quite hilly and a good few bends (perhaps explains my tyres in comments above rather than my driving skills!) but I'm able to maintain decent speed (i.e. limited braking and accelerating). Long distance journeys (down M74 and M6) MPG is similar but not quite as good but then my car is carrying 4 plus a boot full.I think that the 12% is probably achievable if the roads are right and you're economical with your driving style.


wow, some very serious cat fighting on this thread...