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Mercedes-Benz A Class Hatchback - 24 months 5k miles lease £1948.39 monthly £162.37 on 24 months (£5845) Select Car Leasing
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Yes, leasing is not the cheapest way to own a car. But for those that are in the market. I have been looking at getting an a-class for a while, its rare to be under £250 per month.… Read more
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What's are the tips for looming at deals for Lessing?


Got the amg 220d for £259 no deposit 10000 miles. Agree even that was a little basic and not the most comfortable. Paying for the badge and wouldn’t do it again.


Where from? What’s the down payment?


Very basic. My neighbour has one as a firms car. She reckons she cannot wait to go back to a Focus.


Good point.

BMW M2 Competition 2dr DCT - £540.11 per month - 3yrs, 3 months up, 10k miles per year @ Select Car Leasing
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
Absolute stonker of a deal. Granted, it's expensive for a car but this is better than any BMW PCP deal you will ever get and with a realistic mileage. It is worth noting this leas… Read more

This is the best deal I could find. 8k per year 1 + 35 @ £543.32 pm total over lease £19,559.52 with Peter Vardy Edinburgh


Tbh, this is one of those few times I think buying would be better than leasing, as I think the depreciation is going to quite low much like the 1M which held its value losing very little. I know the M2 will be made in greater numbers but I think it'll be sound investment. However if you can't afford to lay out that much cash then this is a good deal. Cheers


Definitely. The only people I think are going to benefit from the M2 comps are those that got the first of the lot, keep for 6 months and sell. Still quite few and far between just now so holding up well


Best price I have seen for the M2C assuming the depreciation would not leave any cash when comparing against a PCP deal.


How much you would lose over 3 years if you bought one?

Range Rover Velar 2.0 on £514.32 / 36 months lease with £1542.97 deposit Select Car Leasing
Found 8th NovFound 8th Nov
Range Rover Velar for £514 per months on 36 months lease with £1500 deposit That's around £20K for three years, quite good price for this type of car
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I have never worked anywhere where people don't moan. The more people stay in a job, the moanier they get. That's just human nature. Try the civil service, it's soul sappingly moany and they get decent benefits!


Haven't seen any broken down, not like the Disco 3 that kept the electronic handbrake on. 3 year waranty should cover any problems


it's not me being bitter, it's the absolute truth. from where i worked there has been 7 well trained , long term technicians leave. the main part of leaving is frustration with the brand and the support network around it. you know it's bad when you spend time at the training academy and even the people training you laugh at how abysmal things are.


nope, luckily i restore historic racing cars now.


Wow that's sour, do you work at asda now?

2019 E Class 24 Month Lease (£1k deposit) - 10k miles - £8,787 all in @ Select Car Leasing
Found 7th NovFound 7th Nov
Pretty outrageous deal for a brand new E class - this would depreciate much more heavily if purchased directly. Business customers get it even cheaper at £7,313 all in. Around £300… Read more
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I agree with claiming mileage. Also Ltd company gives you access to business only deals that are much cheaper than personal deals. Need to finance business only deals through directors loan account, speak to your accountant.


HI, am i able to put my personalised number plate on this car?


Be aware that they will add a surplus (6% monthly in my case), for the 'metallic paint' option on top of the quoted price on the website.


Are there no golf r or Audi rs3 lease deals ? This is a really good find though great job


Worse than that. I drive a 2003 Mégane Scenic.....,.

Skoda Octavia Hatchback 1.0 TSI SE Technology 5dr [2019] Deposit £1079.89 + 23 payments of £119.99 £3839.66. 8000 miles @ SelectCarLeasing
Found 3rd NovFound 3rd Nov
Adaptive cruise control. Start stop tech. Sat nav. Alloys. Electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors. Rain and light sensors. 8 speakers. much more.

What is LSD, is it something to make the car go happier?


Better LSD? At last something interesting in car leasing!


I'm not saying it's as fast or the same as my Golf R for goodness sake, I'm just saying it wasn't incapable and was perfectly drivable and so shouldn't be written off just because it's 'only 1 litre'.


Comparing a 1.0l fruitbox with wheels to a golf R... Are you alive? Did you drive it in central London traffic at rush hour? Last time I drove a golf R I swallowed my teeth in acceleration, this 1.0l rubbish makes just a lot of noise and vibrations in the cabin, making you think you're going fast. Try racing with any 1.8T and above and you'll see them disappearing in the distance. Same argument as prius drivers who think their car is quick off the line, until you prove them wrong with a 20 year old 1.8T VW (See my previous post)


Thousands of decent second hand cars around and obviously it goes without saying full service history and sensible milage. One golden rule with a depreciating asset is to own it when it is depreciating the least. ALL new cars depreciate most in the first 3 years. It's simple economics tbh.

BMW M2 Competition Lease - £437.99 per month (24 months) - Initial deposit: £3,941.89 - Monthly payment x23: £10,073.77 Total - £14,015.66 @ Select car leasing
Found 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Good deal for a £51k list price car. Annual milage: 5,000 Initial deposit: £3,941.89 Monthly payment: £437.99 Monthly payment x23: £10,073.77 Total payable over 24 months: £14,01… Read more

Never heard of leasing?


Depreciation! After two years, your £50k BMW might fetch only £30k trade-in so therefore leasing can work out a lot cheaper.


Hook me up :/


Couldn't agree more, I could never understand how somebody can shell out thousands to be left with absolutely nothing after a couple of years?


Like marrying a Trophy wife and not poking her (shock)

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Vauxhall Astra 1.6t elite Nav 200ps hot hatch - £5,146.14 total over 24 months including admin fee @ Select Car Leasing
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Great leasing options on this model. Hot hatch performance for around £200 including deosit. 6.6s to 62MPh according to reviews or 7.3s based on Vauxhall specs. Also fairlygood le… Read more

this is a really good deal- can be found slightly cheaper else where but not worth a not deal post. i think i will have one of these


i just need something similar with a smaller upfront cost, but obviously this normally bumps the monthly cost right up so very hard to find..


I have just ordered on from Nationwide - similar deal but with free metallic paint - my local Vauxhall dealer couldn't get anywhere close - over £400 per month.


5k for a car that you dont own after 2 years! You could go to Kazakhstan and buy a donkey for £50. Itll return the equivalent of 200 mpg as all they need is carrots.


Same deal on nationwide vechile contracts but with free matillic paint. Leather seats is only option for interior though 200bhp, with all the toys and lether interior for 200 quid a month including road tax. Has to be a hot deal Signed up this morning. Went for black.

Jaguar Xf Sportbrake: Initial payment of £2203.09 plus 23 payments of £244.79 plus £234 doc fee £8073.28 @ Select Car Leasing
Refreshed 2nd AugRefreshed 2nd Aug
Jaguar Xf Sportbrake: Initial payment of £2203.09 plus 23 payments of £244.79 plus £234 doc fee £8073.28 @ Select Car Leasing
Fancy a new Jaguar Xf Sportbrake on a lease? Check out this deal from Select Car Leasing: Jaguar Xf Sportbrake 2.0i Portfolio 5dr Auto 24 months 10,000 miles a year In… Read more
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no one runs them as a company car anymore :-) take it on a personal lease and charge back the mileage :-)


On this occassion they actually said the deal was at the price I was originally quoted, just strange that it took 5 days to get back to me when normally you get called back within an hour of doing the credit application, or worst case next day. I needed a car by the end of October so had 2 or 3 other options as I was concerned about delivery times. When I didn't get a response I went elsewhere, shame as it was a decent deal for what you got.


Thats a risk you run - is this the best deal, or might there be a better one in three months time? Or will it be worse? No one can say really. I tend to take the view of getting the best price for something at the time i need it. Historic and future prices are outside of my control.


I personally would sit tight and wait a little longer before leasing one as prices will surely plummet. My brother just purchased a Jaguar XE R Sport from Lancasters of Milton Keynes, outright. Car listed at £40k new with wheel and carbon upgrades, spoiler etc, just 8 months old he got it for under £22k done just 5000 miles.


they are known for offering deals they cant do just to take enquiry and saying the price has changed , my brother ordered a BMW and the car then had metallic paint and rear privacy , he found out that there never were just Alpine white cars ! they shoudl just be upfront as he did a credit search for no reason :(

Volvo V90 Diesel Estate: Initial payment of £2,408 plus 17 payments of £267.59 plus £234 doc fee
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Volvo V90 Diesel Estate: Initial payment of £2,408 plus 17 payments of £267.59 plus £234 doc fee
Looking for a new Volvo V90 on a lease deal? How about this deal from Select Car Leasing? Volvo V90 Diesel Estate 2.0 D4 Momentum 5dr Geartronic [2019] Initial payment of £… Read more
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Where did you get your deal?


You guys missed out on the MY 2018 one of these. I picked up the V90 D4 R Design with 20" Rims and a Reverse camera for £2500 initial rental and £209 a month. The D4 Momentum for 18 months was £1999 initial and £179 a month. There was also no admin fee as it was direct from a Volvo dealership. I would recommend going to a Volvo dealership with this offer and seeing if they can beat it. They matched my offer from another Volvo dealership. It's a nice car, MPG isn't anywhere near what is quoted and significantly worse than my old C Class but maybe that is something to do with how much I use the Pilot Assist to do most of the motorway driving for me.


Consider me a massive cock then (lol) all part of being a delivery driver, you drive slow you go home late and dont see your kids for long and yeah ive had some great times in a matiz


Ill give that one a miss broke my nose in one of those when i was six my mate pushed me down a steep hill into a brick wall was still fun though (lol)


Camry is on its way back as Toyota are dropping the Avensis (now that was a boring car) As for the Matiz now that was a fun and interesting car to drive, small, light, peppy engine and tiny skinny tyres made you feel like Dave Starsky at 30mph MM

Jaguar XF Saloon: Initial payment of £2,375.89 followed by 23 payments of £263.99 plus £234 doc fee
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Jaguar XF Saloon: Initial payment of £2,375.89 followed by 23 payments of £263.99 plus £234 doc fee
In the market for a new motor? I’m seeing quite a few good deals from Select Car Leasing at the moment. For example: Jaguar XF Saloon 2.0i [250] Prestige 4dr Auto [2019] … Read more
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Each to their own. It’d be boring if we were all the same. (Although I’m of the same opinion :p )


it would lose 20% VAT the day you drive it away from the dealer plus the normal depreciation !so it will lose far more than 8k


Fire and rescue.. can be boring at times, and very rewarding also. (y)


Where have all your comments gone? I had a notification you’d responded but there isn’t anything there.


Wow. You guys need to stop arguing about things you found on Google... not everything you read online is fact you know..

BMW M140i Shadow Edition personal Lease £287.99 p/m Initial Payment: £2,591.89 inc VAT 5000 milage 48 months £13,823.52 @ Select car leasing
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
Not a bad price for an auto M140i shadow edition. Personal - £287.99 PM Business - £239.99 PM Contract - 48 months Initial - £2591.89 Personal/ £2159.91 You can tweak the upfron… Read more
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Do you guys add maintenance when leasing cars?


Do You guys had insurance to your lease deals?


Was 4 years. 8000. Sorry for late reply


That is a very good deal on PCP, incredibly good actually. 3 year deal with 8000 PA?


Just handed one back after having it for 6 months lucky to get it on a staff deal... All I can say it was a f**cking quick car and the gearbox is rapid! Working in the motor Industry I have been lucky to drive some decent cars, the 140i pound for pound is hard to beat with that pace! GET ONE!

Mercedes-Benz Gla Class Hatchback GLA 180 Urban Edition 5dr 24 month personal (& business option) lease hire £5955.26 @ Select Cars
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Obviously lease deals are divisive but if you're in the market for a good deal on a good car then this fits the bill (well in my humble opinion anyway) What do you guys think? 800… Read more
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I'm interested in a GLA, where's the best place to get a current deal on this?


PCP is personal contract purchase and PCH personal contract hire


Details. What is a PCP deal?


I can get you one for October better deal


Deal has ended, rang them today. Ended over the weekend. Apparently they flew like hot cakes

Dacia Sandero 4 year lease £97.84 - £5,576 over the 4 years at Select Car Leasing
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Dacia Sandero 4 year lease £97.84 - £5,576 over the 4 years at Select Car Leasing
Ever wondered what the cheapest new car you can buy is? Well, here’s your answer: the Dacia Sandero. You get plenty of space for your small outlay, too, because the Sandero is one… Read more
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Average mileage is around 8K PA and you can lease above that of course. It also doesn't mean you can't exceed the contract mileage. Sometimes it's more cost effective to do this than alter the contract. Really comes down to cost of ownership.


I'm due to hand my lease sportage back by end of Sept do you think it's worth hanging on for deals at the start of September when the new reg is out?


Good priced car, I agree that buying one cash would be best. A far more cost effective car than any of the Mercedes, Audi wannabes.


James May Approves


Thew quarter has just started so not many deals around at the moment but they should be some soon (Last week you could of got a Hyundai i30 SE for around £120 on a 1+18),

Mercedes-Benz Cla Class Coupe CLA 180 AMG Line 4dr £1834 deposit + 23 X £203.80 for personal customers at Select Car Leasing
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Mercedes-Benz Cla Class Coupe CLA 180 AMG Line 4dr £1834 deposit + 23 X £203.80 for personal customers at Select Car Leasing
Looking for a new Mercedes-Benz Cla Class Coupe CLA 180 AMG Line 4dr? This deal from Select Car Leasing is worth checking out: Personal customers 5,000 miles a year … Read more
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Just spat my tea out laughing. Priceless. (lol)


Ok Dad


Well then (a) you wont get the new model for this price with this spec in six months time. If you do, please feel free to post it then and i'll help vote it HOT ;) (b) there will always be another car and another deal six months down the line. For someone who say is leasing right now and looking another lease to start for next month, what good is waiting six months? Whilst this deal might not suit you, it doesnt mean it doesnt suit other people. (c) you will be renting a car based on the monthly payments suiting your current needs. Not having the "latest model" doesnt impact your payments one jot.


I just spoke to my local dealer in Southampton, he said they wouldn't be able to get anywhere near this deal... Shame because I want to have a look at one before I pull the trigger. My VW Tiguan is up at the end of September so been looking for something else.

DUNOEboutTENG Okay, it was a rough estimate, but he had the 1.4L 80bhp model I wasn't over-glamorising the Audi, more under-estimating the Civic (slightly) In no way is his S3 perfect (for example my car is literally more fun to drive despite being inferior in every spec/stat) but German cars are still good cars. And that's not to say everything else is ****. Going by your spout of comments though you clearly have something against them Which is just as biased an opinion as someone who think's German manufacturers are the only good manufacturers...

BMW 2 series Grand Tourer 218i SE 5 door  £8825.42.@ Select Car Leasing
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
BMW 2 series Grand Tourer 218i SE 5 door £8825.42.@ Select Car Leasing
I’ve been looking for a new lease deal as ours come to an end in September and thought this looked like quite a good deal. I know leases are not everyone’s cup of tea and this car … Read more

Decent deal this. I’m looking to get a new deal September too, currently have a Kia Sportage and looking for a similar size car. Hoping for a 24 month lease rather than 36 months though. On my 2nd lease and find it hassle free and great having a new car every couple of years


Might be good to know that some BMW dealers offer a 24 hour test drive on this car. I took the 24 hour test drive but didn't like the car, mainly due it having a lot less power than the car I was driving (a C220 CDI) and being much less efficient in terms of fuel economy. I ended up leasing the Volvo V90 deal that I posted on here. This lease deal is much better than the deal I was being offered for the car from BMW though. It was 25k for a Pre-Reg car (pretty much the same Spec as this). You would lose more than the 8.5k in the 3 years even if you were doing only 8k miles pa.


Not necessarily. If you factor in the cost of borrowing to buy, or opportunity cost of putting a lump of cash into a depreciating asset, leasing can make a lot of sense. Some good lease deals can bring cars into someone's affordability bracket that would otherwise be out of reach. E.g. a while ago I leased a C4 picasso for 18 months @ £155 per month (£0 upfront). If I bought it with a loan, I'd probably have paid around £60-80 per month for the loan, plus £230ish per month depreciation... that wouldn't have been comfortably affordable for me at the time. Yes, that was an exceptional deal, but if you do the sums & find a good deal, sometimes a lease will let you get more car for your money than buying. Another way of looking at it, over 3 years - with a budget of £300 per month, you could a) borrow (at around 5%) & buy a £20k car & hope for fairly low depreciation (apparently 50% is common over 3 years) b) lease a £25-£30k car on a good deal c) buy an £18-19k car with cash, hope for average depreciation (factoring in 5% per year opportunity cost for the cash) Of course there are other options, but for buying a new car, a good leasing deal can be the most affordable option for a specific car, or make more expensive cars affordable.


If you like hassle free and easy motoring, lease it. If you like driving a new car, lease it. If you don’t mind “not owning” your car, lease it. If you like having confidence in how much depreciation is costing you, lease it. And if like having your new car delivered and then collected from your home or work when you are finished with it, lease it. I like all the above, so I lease it!!


If you can afford to buy one, and it's cheaper to lease it, then lease it! Honestly don't understand these crackpots, that hijack every lease deal with words of zero wisdom!

Audi S4 saloon 24 month lease deal  6 + 23 at £322.95/month (9365.56 + agent cost) Selectcarleasing
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Seems like a good deal above deal is for 5000miles/year and mileage can be increase to 10,000 with a small increase in monthly cost

£362pm, 6x23, £0 fee, 12p per mile excess. Audi fleet were a dream to deal with. That’s with 10k miles per year, metallic paint and virtual cockpit. So could be cheaper, but I had my wants.


One thing I'm not keen on with Audi is they charge you extra for everything. In the equivalent BMW it would be included but not so with Audi. Electric folding mirrors Heated seatsSide air bagsRear camera Essential though I think is virtual cockpit which works out about £7-8 per month extra on the lease.


I think the price may have dropped further, I can't remember the lease company name but was now sub £300 (£297 I think it was) with £3k initial payment. That was also based on higher mileage not the base 5k a year. I was considering the S5 sportback and not so keen on the S4 but the price difference is huge now. Just got the issue of getting rid of my current car.


No idea why this is cold. You couldn't own any car like this (Audi, BMW, Kia, whatever) for 9k over 2 years (that's depreciation I am on about of course it costs more than that to buy it). Therefore good deal. I have an S5 and it has been 100% reliable since I got it new last April (on lease) other than a silly issue with the auto drop down windows which happened once and can be sorted out without a dealer. The A4 doesn't have frameless doors so won't have this issue. As for the comparison with the Kia Stinger.... Whilst I do like Kia as a car brand (we have the S5 and a Sportage) it just doesn't look right to me with respect to the styling. The lines just don't look right. Only reasons I wouldn't consider one is I like having 4WD, the service intervals are supposedly pretty dire compared to the flexible one on the Audi (might have imagined this though) and the MPG is a lot worse according to official figures (I know they are BS but normally if the figure is bad real life is terrible). I think I'd get over the looks if everything else was equal with the Audi and the price to lease was right (was about £600 a month last time I saw one). Having owned an S4 in the past I have no desire to own a car like this whatever brand it is. They depreciate like hell and are a nuisance to get rid of at a fair price. Dealers have your pants down with trading in and you have to be patient selling any other way.


ezzer72, get off your high horse, what the hell has Kia or your opinions got to do with if this is a good deal or not? No, absolutely nothing. Pathetic really.

Jaguar e-pace car lease starts at Monthly Payment £233.00 inc VAT Initial Payment: £2,097.04 inc VAT 48m  5000 miles  £13,048.04 @ SelectCarLeasing
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Jaguar e-pace car lease starts at Monthly Payment £233.00 inc VAT Initial Payment: £2,097.04 inc VAT 48m 5000 miles £13,048.04 @ SelectCarLeasing
Jaguar new e pace * Including VAT on personal lease * Includes new government tax * check the best combination of deposit months + duration of lease that best suits you (24 /36/ 4… Read more
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Says the person who decided to personally message me on a thread not used since February and make a complaint. Because there isn't. An MOT covers the fourth year of a cars life, not months 25-36. Your lease firm has set you a rule. Not all lease firms do this. And failed. VWFS certainly don't to my knowledge but most of my leases are 24 mths. But I am not wrong. You do not have to do an MOT for a car that you are not liable for unless the T&Cs state so. You have experienced that. It is not the experience of all leasors. Yes I have. I do - check all the other HUKD lease threads... No - that would appear to be your remit. But thanks for your contribution! (y)


I am not on a rant, actually you are, you pointed out there is no MOT on a 36 month lease, to which I corrected you, this is not the terms of my lease company but also the terms of the previous two companies I have used, I would be very interested to find a lease company that does not apply this. Since I corrected you all you have done is try to back up your false information rather than holding your hand up and saying oops 'I'm wrong'. Have ever even had a 36 month lease? are you talking from experience or just trolling (aka trying to be a know it all smart ar$e).


So what was the point of your rant? You're upset that your lease company won't allow you to return early and/or force you to do a service/MOT at cost? Better choose a different company next time...


A 24 month for the lease I have is £30 a month more... Costing £720 extra. I'd rather pay £30 for an MOT


Well obviously you need to have (in theory) two services on a 36mth. Better lease a 24 month car next time...

JAGUAR XF 2.0i PRESTIGE auto lease pch, £163.99/month, initial £1475.93 - £5247.68 @ Select Car Leasing
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
JAGUAR XF 2.0i PRESTIGE auto lease pch, £163.99/month, initial £1475.93 - £5247.68 @ Select Car Leasing
Cracking price for the entry level ‘Prestige’ variant on this 200ps saloon , price mentioned is for 5k miles but they also provide higher mileage allowances if you need it, cost ca… Read more
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Glad you are enjoying it, quality car


Had mine delivered today and have to say it is a fantastic car. Had many deals off HUKD in the past, including my last lease but this, for the price is the best thus far. Thanks all.


Anyway, time for a mass car wash on this lovely day


Yes, the dealer drove 20miles to deliver the car, trip said 40mpg. i have been driving normally city, short run up a road and averaging 30mpg. I’m OKnwith that, it’s a big comfy car after all. my 2006 golf gti was roughly the same mpg before I sold it for the XF. GTR does 22mpg, driving normally. Single digits when ‘on song


Yeah it's very nice. Hitting 30mpg currently. I'd never want to own one of these outright, unless it was a diesel. One thing to consider once the lease ends though! Diesel portfolios are way further north in costs than what we got though.

Mini Cooper 5dr SD chilli/media XL pack 48months lease £146/month - £8350 @ Selectcarleasing
Found 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
Mini Cooper 5dr SD chilli/media XL pack 48months lease £146/month - £8350 @ Selectcarleasing
Great leasing deal for very well specced car. It is 48 months deal which are rather rare so will cost just over £2k a year for 8000 miles

Why would anyone want the same car for 4 years?!?


why is this remotely hot? In the 4th year of the lease you would be liable for anything that went wrong with the car as it will be outside of manufacturers warranty. Am I missing something?


I read all of these posts/arguments and forgot what the deal was for.


Out of stock apparently


My comment has been deleted? Stated a good price, but not on a 4 year deal. 3 years are fine and at least under warranty

Audi A6 estate 1.8 TFSI Black Edition lease £221.99/month + £1,997.89 - £7326.65 @ Select car leasing
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
Audi A6 estate 1.8 TFSI Black Edition lease £221.99/month + £1,997.89 - £7326.65 @ Select car leasing
As per title, at £222 per month looks as decent deal. You can have 2.0TFSI for £307pm.

Definitely a petrol as all the other details correspond as such.


It was probably available back then. Who's the fool now?


Under details it says pertrol... but under standard features it states "Diesel particulate filter"?....Which is it?


I also realised there is new model in on the beginning of 2018 I think so I think I will look for new model....


Excellent company bad deal