Selected beer £1 a bottle at Morrisons

Selected beer £1 a bottle at Morrisons

Found 14th Jul 2009Made hot 15th Jul 2009
Picked up

Stella 660ml
Efes 500ml (don't tell everyone though as this is my favourate and can rarely find on sale)
Humdinger 500ml
Hobgoblin 500ml
Marstons Ashes Ale 500ml
Spitfire 500ml

May be others as well as there were a few empty places on the shelves.


Me too! Go for the Efes every time.
Nice to see it back down to £1.

Also got a few Ruddles County at a £1

Corking deal.....

Efes is good.... but Spitfire and Hobgoblin are pretty damn special!!!

Spitfire sold out at our local

Got hobgoblin though. They also have it in cans at 4 for £4.

My local Morrisons has bottles of Holts for £1 as well. Maple Moon and 1849.

50cl bottles for a quid. Real beer too. Only hotness here.

San Miguel 600ml for a £


50ml bottles for a quid. Real beer too. Only hotness here.

Sound stingy to me.

Great prices.....Hot .

PS......has no one told the supermarkets about binge drinking,are they trying to turn us into a nation of alkies.:whistling:

when does the law change for offers on alcohol no more?

Efes, ah the memories of istanbul come flooding back.

Efes - tessekur ederim!

The Hobgoblin Dark was nice, bought a bottle today :-D

Original Poster


Efes - tessekur ederim!

Bir şey degil


Loads of Spitfire available in Canterbury Morrisons (by the cold-meat counter, for some reason) :thinking:
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