Selected Beer & Ciders @ ASDA
Selected Beer & Ciders @ ASDA

Selected Beer & Ciders @ ASDA

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Selected Beer & Ciders @ ASDA only £8.00

Brahma Lager (12x330ml)
Budweiser (15x300ml)
Becks ~ 15 x 275ml bottles
Becks Blue ~ 15 x 275ml bottles
Carling (12x440ml)
Carlsberg ~ 12 x 440ml cans
Carlsberg Export ~ 15 x 275ml bottles
Stella Artois ~ 15 x 284ml bottles
Boddingtons Draught Bitter (12x440ml)
John Smith's Extra Smooth (12x440ml)
Guinness Draught (10x440ml)
Strongbow ~ 12 x 440ml cans
MAGNERS ~ 8 x 568ml Bottle
MAGNERS - Pear Cider ~ 8 x 568ml Bottle
+ Others


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Magners and San Miguel posted yesterday

England and Wales only? Racists

The bottles of Becks, Budweiser Carlsberg Export and Stella work out fractionally cheaper than the packs of 12 bottles in the 3 for £20 at deal at Tesco. The cans of John Smith's Extra Smooth work out at exactly the same price as the Tesco deal.

However, the following all work out cheaper in the 3 for £20 deal at Tesco:

Carling - 12 x 440ml cans
Carlsberg - 12 x 440ml cans
Boddingtons - 12 x 440ml cans
Guinness Draught 10 x 440ml cans
Strongbow - 12 x 440ml cans
Magners Original - 8 x 568ml bottles
Magners Pear - 8 x 568ml bottles

3 for £20 at Tesco

The bottles of Brahma are much cheaper in the 3 for price of 2 deal at Tesco (12 bottles for £5.76) as are the bottles of Beck Blue (18 bottles for £5.76).

3 for the price of 2 at Tesco


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That may well be the case ClashInDevon... thats if you got the money to spend £20...and what happends if you dont want to buy buy 3 boxes....

This is a one case deal not 3...

Wish Tesco would muck up again and give us the cases of beer for £3.66. That was a deal
Guess the numpty that did the pricing on the computer that day is signing on now

Also, the packs of 15 x 275ml bottles of San Miguel are in the 3 for £20 offer at Tesco, so work out much cheaper than Asda.

Just to be clear, as I've already said, many of the beers in the Asda offer work out much cheaper if you take advantage of the 3 packs for £20 offer at Tesco. However even if you've only got £8.00 in your pocket, the 3 for 2 deal at Tesco still works out cheaper that this Asda deal for quite a few of the beers:

Brahma, 12 x 330ml bottles - £5.76
Beck Blue, 18 x 275ml bottles - £5.76
Boddingtons, 12 x 440ml cans - £7.98
Stella 4%, 12 x 440ml cans - £7.98
Strongbow, 12 x 440ml cans - £7.98

And for any drinkers of premium strength lager, the Tesco deal of 12 x 440ml cans of Kronenbourg 1664 for £7.22 works out far better than any of the Asda deals.


Edited by: "ClashInDevon" 5th Jun 2011

got some Brahma , not much taste !

what blue becks ??
anyone know how long is offer on for tnxs

Blue Becks is alcohol free I believe.

Pretty random but i'd like to thank ClashInDevon. I always notice his posts regarding cheap ale. Very handy.
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