Selected Half price Blu Rays @ whsmiths. Cracking prices!
Selected Half price Blu Rays @ whsmiths. Cracking prices!

Selected Half price Blu Rays @ whsmiths. Cracking prices!

For those of you lucky enough to have a WhSmiths that sells Blu Rays, there are some CRACKING prices. It's a bit hit and miss with pricing and it's worth taking them to the tills. I believe these are nationwide.

Don't bother asking them to price check them because the discount won't come off until the cashier presses the pay button. The titles I had sussed out so far are;

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - £9 HALF PRICE to £4.50
Zodiac - £9 NOW £4.50
Layer Cake - NOW £4.50
Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull - £9 NOW £4.50 (2 disc blu ray)
plus more... Didn't have the time to get them to the counter but I believe it's all the £9 ones included in the offer.

Found in Salisbury store
will post my receipt for the doubted as
soon as I'm out of the restaurant ( currently being chastised for typing instead of eating!)
Good luck all!


Might try this, but Reading WHSmiths never has any of these deals.

I'd hang on for the closing down sale.

closing down............very unlikely

At the Reading WHSmith, they had the Games price blitz but the blu-rays were still priced at £10, yesterday. I'd go in and get a scan on the ones they OP got though because it wouldn't be store specific, this would be a nationwide offer.

Saw this my local. Someone had already emptied the shelves though and left a bunch of chick flicks behind.

The offer extends to some games, DVDs and Boxsets too, I picked up The 4400 series 1 for £5 and The Force Unleashed on the 360 for £9.50!

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I thought Blu Rays at 4.50 would have been super hot considering they are not store specific and actually decent titles!

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Just found a few more:

21 WAS £9 NOW £4.50
The Spiderwick Chronicles NOW£4.50
Speed Racer NOW £4.50
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