Selected WOW toys 1/2 price @ Amazon Jonny Jungle Plane £8.49

Selected WOW toys 1/2 price @ Amazon Jonny Jungle Plane £8.49

Found 12th Oct 2013
WOW toys are great for little hands. We had the police car which stood up to hours of play. Sadly it isn't reduced however Jonny Jungle Plane is 50% off and the best ever price on Amazon as are others (please see below)

Hold tight, we're ready for take off. Johnny is a super, fun-packed aeroplane with friction-powered, rotating propellers. There is a cargo hold with three secret compartments revealed by turning the knob. A pilot adventurer and his pet tiger complete this exciting roleplay set.

Other sets reduced include (links in first post):
Fire engine Ernine £8.50 (50% off)
Fire rescue Rory (helicopter) - best ever price £8.50 (50% off)
Dexter the Digger (40% off) 16.79
Robins medical rescue £11.29 (40% off)

Delivery is free with a £10 spend (or add a cheap book to qualify). Also free with a Prime trial.
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Bumpety Bump bernie £8.50 (50% off)…1-6
Fire rescue Rory £8.50 (50% off - best ever price)…1-1
Dexter the Digger £16.79 (40% off)…1-3
Ernie Fire Engine £8.50 (50% off) - best price since May 2012!)…1-4
Robin's Medical Rescue £16.79 (40% off)…1-5
Flip 'n' Tip Fred £16.79 (40% off)…1-7
Dudley Dump Truck £16.79 (40% off)…1-8
A couple of the 40% off items did go slightly lower recently so it may be worth keeping an eye on these. otherwise these were the best prices I could find.
Brilliant thank you! I've been waiting for Flip and Tip Fred to lower in price, tempted to get a few others as well
^ Glad this is useful. The ambulance looks fun to me especially the x-ray machine, the way the wheelchair comes down the ramp and the way patients can suddenly jump up from under the blanket on the stretcher and out of the wheelchair!
I also just purchased the ambulance!! It's so detailed thanks again!
These toys are great quality for anyone who hasn't purchased any before.
I bought the helicopter and plane last week for my 2 year old nephew and he loves them. The first thing he said when openning them was WOW!!
These don't look like World Of Warcraft, but ordered anyway (_;)
I too was expecting elves and orcs, nawww! :-)
Noticed these yesterday n bookmarked the flip n tip fred as part of the Xmas list on pay day. Hope it doesnt go back up before then.
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