Selection boxes and sweets reduced £1 in Morrisons

Selection boxes and sweets reduced £1 in Morrisons

Found 4th JanMade hot 5th Jan
Lots of selection boxes, sweets, chocolates reduced. Galaxy one above £1 from £3. Bargain given they are going to be in date for a long time and how much they would be priced individually. Stock up.


Yes, all tubs of Cadbury's Heroes, Celebrations & Quality Street have been £3 for a couple of days now!

Great find! 75p in Asda but on the clearance isle

Seeing as these sold called treat boxes are usually in weight at least not very heavy ... i struggle to see how paying £1 for some milk is worth the hassle of wild goose chases around safeway! personally any HUD afficionado knows length isn't the measure of deals it's errmm depth and these boxes are under 3 cms <<<<<

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They had full size chocolate bars and minstrels in. I don't know what you mean
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