Selection Of Classic PC Games at Pocket Money Prices at Woolworths
Various decent "revival" PC games at silly prices at Woolworths:

At £1:

A train simulator game that i cant remember the name of

At £3:

Hitman: Codename 47
Dogz 4
Settlers IV
Zoo Tycoon
Skatepark Tycoon

There were a few other games at £5 aswell, but i'm struggling to remember them all-they were the main ones though. Not exactly cutting edge as i'm sure you'll agree, but still classic games most of them, and better than allot of the dross thats around today.

At £5:

Age Of Empires I & II + Expansions
- Andysan


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Ah yes, remember that one now aswell, thats an especially good deal if you ask me.:thumbsup:

The train game is "TRAIN EMPIRE", seems OK for the money, for the kids at least.
One to avoid is RACERPACK with 4 dire racing games (Autobahn, GP evolution, Speed thief, Midnight racing).
Both about £2 each from memory.

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Thanks for the info Aztec.:thumbsup:
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