Selection of Disney DVD's with 200 bonus "Disney Movie Reward" points @ Asda Instore

Selection of Disney DVD's with 200 bonus "Disney Movie Reward" points @ Asda Instore

Found 11th Jun 2011
First ever post. Just visited Asda and noticed a selection of Disney DVD's with a sticker on the which read "200 Bonus Disney Movie Reward Points with this pack". I purchased two Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD's for £5 each (£6.93 on their website).

When I got home I opened the sticker and yes you get 200 points code. When registered it shows as "Asda Points". You also still get the points from the normal flyer in the box so I got 2 x 200 & 2 x 100 which = 600 points. You only require 500 for a free Mickey Clubhouse DVD so works out better than buy 2 get 1 free. You just have to wait a while for the 3rd one.

Please accept my apologies for lack of titles, I was in a rush!


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Believe these titles among lots of others are included: Emporor's New Groove, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Prince Of Persia, Dinosaur, Tinkerbell, Pirates Of The Carribean and a load of Playhouse Disney stuff.

Picked up some handy manny DVDs for £3 each!!

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I also got a Little Einsteins for £3 but didn't have the bonus points Bargain to keep little ones quiet for a bit!

Man, I really wish DMR would update their stocks, they've had that message on the home page for a couple weeks now. I have 1800 points and there's nothing I want. I ordered Cars on blu-ray before Christmas and it never came, after a few months I finally got the points refunded plus an extra 50, really hoping Cars goes back on the website and some more decent blu-rays.

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Yea that message about updating the rewards has been on a while. It's a good scheme, just shame about the current selection.

They have updated with a LOAD of blu-rays, just claimed Cars (for the second time, fingers crossed it arrives before 2 comes out) and A Bug's Life
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