Self-Heating Electric Waistcoat (£19.99) & Insoles (£9.99) - both half price save £30 @ Maplin + 4% quidco

Self-Heating Electric Waistcoat (£19.99) & Insoles (£9.99) - both half price save £30 @ Maplin + 4% quidco

Found 11th Mar 2009
Perfect for fellow bikers or those working in warehouses or outdoors. Pick up instore or pay del. Working links in 1st post

Don't get left out in the cold when the weather turns chilly. Keep your body warm this winter while watching your favourite team or just walking the dog. The perfect addition to everyone's wardrobe, it can even relieve aches and pains.

Keep warm with a waistcoat that heats up to 40 ° celcius in 5 minutes
Great for sports, travel, pain relief and active outdoor people
Constructed using the most advanced heating wire
Can be worn as an outer garment or underneath other layers
Zip doubles as a handy compass
Batteries are stored in two discrete pouches
Requires 6 x AA batteries (sold separately)
The waistcoat can be worn as an outer garment, or alternatively underneath other layers to help generate heat. The zip is also a handy compass great for when you are out on your adventures! Requires 6 x AA batteries (sold separately - order code L39BF)


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Heated Insoles…1m3
only £9.99
Cold feet? ..... not any longer as you can warm your toes quickly by inserting these inner soles into your footwear. Operated by AAA batteries they can be easily swapped between all your footwear as and when required.

Get the heat to your feet!
Great for the active outdoor person
Easy to fit, just cut to required size
Safely concealed heating element warms the sole
Easily interchangeable between footwear
Uses 3 x AA batteries per insole (sold separately - Order code: L39BF)

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Hot! Much cheaper than the plug-in gear.

The waistcoat is a complete waste of money, even at £20. I haven't tried the insoles.

Echo that - bought this for my wife in January - absolutely useless

Utter waste of time, money and batteries For a start they're not self-heating: they need batteries and the amount of heat you can get from them is tiny for the cost. If you want to stay warm, spend the money on a sweater or a pair of thick socks. They won't need expensive and wasteful batteries to operate.

Bah... Thought I'd sussed my mam's Mother's Day pressie out then, until I spotted the feedback!

Original Poster

Obviously not good then :w00t: thanx for the feedback guys n girls :thumbsup:
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