Selfie Stick (bluetooth) £2.50 (was £10) at Tesco in store (Fareham)

Selfie Stick (bluetooth) £2.50 (was £10) at Tesco in store (Fareham)

LocalFound 30th Jul 2016
At this price, I'll bite, even if it is a novelty, and I'll look like a bit of a di*k (nothing new there). Brand is 'Port Designs' - Barcode 3567044003284. Price ticket said £10, but scanned at £2.50. My stick is pretty sturdy and has a long reach . works with iOS and Android.

This is the one on their website, but instore it seems to be reduced.…ers.

Second deal of the day for me, lets see if this one can do better than my last effort.
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Stick a sponge on it if you've got a bad back.
what store was this?

what store was this?

Fareham. I had to take my first one back when the bluetooth didn't work, and got the last one when I went back (so none there now), I assume it's national, and like I say the price ticket was wrong, so take it to the counter to check.
hot from me. i got a non blue tooth one from pound land and it broke before I could even use it!
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Tons of these on eBay for £2-4 from UK sellers. They're all based on the same generic design from China, just subject to a huge retailer mark up when they reach the UK.…ers…BUE

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when i become prime minister, im bringing back capital punishment for those who use these!
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