Selfridges Sale! Up to 80% off
Selfridges Sale! Up to 80% off

Selfridges Sale! Up to 80% off

I saw the advert on tv like last week some time and have checked and cannot see this has been posted. But I went myself yesterday to the Selfridges @ Birmingham Bullring and picked up a selection of luxury clothes at 50% discount. For example Burberry polo T shirt normally £85 to £40, Hugo Boss shirt originally £120 for £47, Armani formal shirt originally £140 for £45. Much more on offer, reductions on many many lines including other prestigious lines such as Christian Dior, Gucci bags etc...

Please don't vote cold because of the price after reduction being too dear for some, but for those who can afford it this is a bargain. They have higher reductions also on items which have minor cosmetic damages.


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Why is this getting voted cold? I don't understand, is saving more than 50% on brands that normally cost a bomb a rubbish deal???

It is no good unless there is one in your area

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There was an offer for fish and chips for a quid like in preston (a specific road in Preston) around a month or so ago.. that was like one of the deals of the week or something with a rating of like 500+ heat... Selfridges you are saving like 50quid plus etc..

Voted HOT! I saw this yesterday after work. They have a clearance line with up to 75% off. I got myself a Hugo Boss jumper for just £24, a pair of Diesel jeans for £30, a D&G belt for £14.

This is VERY HOT!!!! You've got to look!!!

There are probably some good deals to be had on the top 2 floors if you're into the uber expensive designer brand names.

When the sales will be end?

I am going to London this Saturday.

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not sure when the offer will end, but I am sure it has on for less than a week, because I went there on Monday 15th June and there was no offers of this sort on. Then I went again on the following Monday i.e. 2 days ago and the sales were on..

Not just offers on the expensive brands, offers across the board, i.e. on Flytrap, Miss Selfridge, G-star etc etc... The offers that I got myself on the "uber expensive brands" are a bargain, they are reduced to a fraction of the original prices making them similar to normal brands of clothings like I don't know, Fred Perry, Ralph Lauren, even to Adidas and Nike prices.

This is a joke though.. only 5 degrees on such offers, it makes me reconsider even posting offers on this joke site. This is like a bargain and then some.. 50% discounts on Dior I have seen personally... joke prices for D&G. Boss, Prada, Armani, etc... This is not a good offer??? Why is this rated so low? A joke tv reduced by 25% or a PS3 reduced by a minor fraction can get at least 100 degrees, but this retarded offer I have posted only gets a meagre 5 degrees..

Blimey, you're a tad angry aren't you..

I think the fact that it hasn't got much heat, is the fact that in order to shop in Selfridges, you need to live in either London or Birmingham, or a couple of other places that I can't remember.

As such, not many people will see it as a bargain, if they can't be @rsed to travel to the stores in question.

People on this site tend to vote hot or cold depending on whether something is a good deal to them. If the deal is at a store that they don't live anywhere near, they'll probably not vote at all.

I bought an Evisu t shirt from Selfidges in Birmingham last year in the sale for £45, which I felt was good at the time, but I doubt a lot of people on this site would consider it much of a bargain.

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A tad anygry, because as aforementioned some joke fish and chip shop located only on one particular road in England, although for a great price can get into the 500+ heat, whereas this is at least available in 3 locations to my own personal knowledge, Birmingham, London and Manchester.. And offers you greater discounts? If this is not a bargain then how can a joke store like Burtons which sells clothing at a joke price for mediocre attire just now for sales up to 70% achieve higher heat.

Furthermore Selfridge home sale can get higher rating this clothing offer? In fact majority of other Selfridges offers have more heat than this one? I thought the point of this site is not whether the offer appeals personally to you, but whether it is overall a good offer, which I thought this was? Saving of 80% on anything is a good offer I would imagine?

do you reckon this applies to the Manchester selfridges?

it might have done 6 months ago, check the date

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I popped into the Birmingham and the Trafford Centre Selfridges in Manchetser during ther past few days. And I can confirm that there are a range of offers for most brands.

The best I think being for Gucci in Birmingham Bull Ring. Gucci bags up to 50% discount, there was a huge queue.
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