Sellotape 50m Roll - 89p @ Aldi

Sellotape 50m Roll - 89p @ Aldi

Found 13th Nov 2014
Sellotape 50m roll. Great for Christmas only 89p in Aldi (£1.79 on Amazon)



Good price.

Seen it 50p on occasion at asda but pretty good deal.

25p instore wilko

Will make a great present before Christmas

Why every item at Aldi got to be listed here regrdless? These 50m tapes are 3 for a pound on verious pound & 99p shops

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There's a difference between Sellotape and the cheap tape from £ stores

Good price

With Sellotape you can tear it easily into strips without having to use scissors. I also find that they stick better however its really personal preference LOL
Also same price at Sainsburys
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4 for 99p at card factory shop


4 for 99p at card factory shop

It's crap


It's crap

It does the job for me, not sure what you use it for, except the usual

Kinky indeed

What people don't realise when they make comments about sticky tape being 4 for £1 or whatever at the local pound shop is that these rolls are only around 8 metres in length (and note the next time you buy some, please note the length isn't written anywhere on the packaging).

For Sellotape, and for this amount of 'adhesive tape', this actually represents good value. Heat added.

Cable ties are a lot easier to use, especially binding the wrists.

Is this any good? A lot of the cheap "sellotape" these days splits and is generally of a poor quality.

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Sellotape is the brand name. This is the original sticky tape. Other sticky tapes just don't compare


4 for 99p at card factory shop

Oh dear - there's always one!
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