Send 10 FREE letters to anwhere in UK @ PDQIT.com !
Send 10 FREE letters to anwhere in UK @ PDQIT.com !

Send 10 FREE letters to anwhere in UK @ PDQIT.com !

1 million FREE letters giveaway - maximum 10 / person

PDQit allows costomers to send letters without needing paper, envelopes, stamps or even a trip to post box. YOU just write the letter, click the 'send' button and its all remotely printed, put into an envelope, has postage added and gets sent off.. without you having to leave your desk. You get a notification of exactly whats been sent.

Now invoices, business letters, mailshots, statements, whatever you need to send fly straight from your computer, directly into the mail. Everyone is doing it - PDQit.


Im guessing you dont want to be using PDQ for letters that that contain personal data?

wouldn't want an office of radom people laughing over my letters

Actually I know a little about this company from chatting at one of the trade shows. Its a completely automated service, so there will be no random people laughing over your letters (if goes from printer to press to envelope!)

Seems like a good service if you stuggle to deal with sending large volumes of letters.

However costs ramp up from choosing options such as colour output and having multiple pages etc, so not sure how well the costs scale.

As a freebie, you probably wouldnt want the bother to install the software just for the price of 10 letters. Only worth looking at if you are a business imo. Voted cold for that reason.
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