Send a Free CASE of V WATER to a friend !

Send a Free CASE of V WATER to a friend !

Found 20th Jun 2007
Offer in Today's Standard Lite. Bit of typing needed..

Each day we give out some free cases of V WATER to a few lucky people we think could use a lift. If you bring a tear to our eye, whether happy or sad, a free case of V WATER will be on its way. Just tell us why you think your friend needs a V WATER and we will take care of the rest.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Cheers Edi:)

No good if you live outside the M25 (T&Cs)

It wont come!!!!

Voted Cold!

Pity this is only for people in London (and it doesn't make that clear unless you read the t+cs, which most people don't)

This is surely a competition?

Whats with these london freebies why just london I wonder?
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