- The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe (1964) - £7.39 + 4% Quidco. Free P&P.
20°Expired - The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe (1964) - £7.39 + 4% Quidco. Free P&P.

Found 19th Apr 2008
Epoch making - rite of passage series from childhood. Who can forget Man Friday?!


Listen to the theme music and you'll be taken back to your childhood if you are 40+…W84

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just ordered thanks. does anyone remember tom sawyers school days, i have been trying to find it on dvd but no luck.

this was orginially out on video (very limited) in a set of 3 videos. I had the first video sold it for £66 Ebay and the second of the 3 for £30 odd. Bargin

Wow that glorious theme music that takes me straight back to childhood - so happy yet still melancholic. Thanks for spotting that! Though only 60p more at etc, it's only the OP putting it up here that reminded me of the series. Cheeky that the cover's in colour - it set my hopes up that it was a colour film just shown on B&W TV!

Excellent ,that takes me back a few years .I've just captured that tune as the quality is very good .I'll put it on my mp3 player .
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