Sennheiser CX300 Ear Canal Headphones - £20.99

Sennheiser CX300 Ear Canal Headphones - £20.99

Found 12th Sep 2006
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Nice price for these and good to have a choice of ear fitting adaptors it's surprising how much different decent earbud/phones can make to your Mp3 sounds Thanks!

Great earphones....I brought a set in June for around £27 on fleabay and would recomend these any day of the week.

Good price

Also gets a vote from me. Bought a set from our friends at Scan who were selling them for under £24 as a today only special a few months ago.

Fantastic sound from them if you get them sitting in the ears just right, and it's so good to be able to turn the volume down on the MP3 player and still hear your music over the sound of the tube/train/plane/traffic/gym etc. Don't underestimate what a difference having a sealed ear has!

Couple of minor things that take a little getting used to. With the phones in place it's like having ears which haven't popped so every sound you make (clearing your throat, speaking etc.) is returned magnified in to the ear canal. Blowing your nose can cause problems unless you remove them first to allow pressure to equalise!

Also the cord is quite thin and rubbery feeling so if walking in windy conditions the wind can vibrate the cord and make a slightly strange sound in the ear, or you get the rub/rub/rub of clothes against the cord conducted in to the ear whilst walking.

After just a couple of weeks you will get used to them, and as I found out totally hated having to go back to conventional phones on for my Vario II (as they haven't bought out an adaptor yet).

HTH - Rufus.
I nealy went insane on my 13 hour flight to Malaysia listening through my standard iPod earphones. Sound quality is acceptable but they are SO uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Can anyone vouch for how these Sennheisers feel when worn for a long period?
I bought a set of etymotic er6i's and wore them on a recent 10hour flight not even knowing they were in. I reckon these will be of a similar design so will be no bother at all and a vast improvment on the std apple headphones!
Went for these as my Etymotic 6i's just died and can't afford another £60 and had a £16 Amazon voucher :thumbsup:
Seems good... better than going through eBay, where its really hard to tell the real ones apart from the fake ones!
FWIW the longest I've worn them for is around 4 hours in a straight sitting and they were comfortable. I expect that a lot depends on the size and position of your lughole! If you get the right sized rubber bits on it they just sit comfortably in the ear, and there aren't any other hard bits to irritate other parts of your ear!

I had a slight oddities with plane pressure changes due to the tight seal with the ear, but taking them out, allowing my ears to "pop" and putting them back in again solve the problem. However nowadays the "seat belt" light seems to go on long before the descent starts, and all electronic devices have to get switched off at that point anyway!

You can always buy them, wear them for a full day, and if they are uncomfortable for you, return them under the DSR (minus ear wax).

YMMV - Rufus.
Great price for these mumbojumbo .. thanks :thumbsup:
dont know if anyone noticed but you can get these for £18 delivered on
amazon marketplace using the same link to take you to the deal

dont know if anyone noticed but you can get these for £18 delivered on … dont know if anyone noticed but you can get these for £18 delivered on amazon marketplace using the same link to take you to the deal

People have received the fakes via Marketplace so be aware
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