Sennheiser CX300 II Precision ECO Headphones (Black) £14.99 @ Play

Sennheiser CX300 II Precision ECO Headphones (Black) £14.99 @ Play

Found 30th Oct 2009
Good Value ! £25 pounds off - Just ordered a pair so in stock!

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The CX 300-II Eco has the same features, spec and accessories as the CX 300-II - and is supplied in recycled packaging. The 300s are an extremely popular upgrades for MP3 players due to their excellent bass-driven sound and very affordable price Winner of multiple awards; the bass delivery is rousing and full-bodied - the mid-range and treble is clear and detailed. The minimal sound leakage is also important for considerate travellers, but allows you to safely hear the sound of traffic as you cross the road. Well-fitted ear canals also improve clarity at lower volumes, reducing any chance of hearing loss or damage. Supplied with a handy carry pouch. Sennheiser are now the no.1 brand for headphones in the UK.

Secure but comfortable
Customise your earphones. Soft silicone rubber sleeves in three different sizes allow you to choose the most comfortable fit for your ears. Everyone's ears are of a different shape. They can be played at a reasonable volume without disturbing your neighbours, yet allow you to hear some background noise so that you are not totally isolated.

Upgrade your sound
You will be amazed at the difference in sound quality from the supplied music player earbuds. The player will only sound as good as the headphones that are plugged into it and these Sennheisers' easily outsell any others in Europe. The sound quality is clear and incisive, with a bass emphasis as well as a good treble extension.

Unique, eco-friendly headphone packaging
Help reduce the amount of packaging that goes into landfill. This pioneering design uses recycled paper and does not contain any plastic or adhesive.


these r excelent pair. I have one. ordered from Amazon for same price.
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