Sennheiser CXL 400 Gaming Headphones £17.99 @ Play

Sennheiser CXL 400 Gaming Headphones £17.99 @ Play

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Found 26th Apr 2010
Brought this last night thought id share it on my 1st post, i looked at all other websites they selling them £60+

i'm just hoping the wear and tear better then cx300 and cx400 standard this is my 3rd pair of sennheisers....

But i thought good price for this pair of headphones!!!



Cheers for the post - don't want to put a downer on it but I'm not sure where you were looking to see these at £60+?! They are available from ]Amazon for £17.65 and other places for a similar price....

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the ones you have seen is slightly different spec these are "gaming" version and on amazon there 69.98

CX 400-II G4ME are gaming headphones though

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these are the ones not others you have shown

what makes them gaming headphones? the neck strap thing? any signs on them snuffing it already? my last pair of sennheisers lasted about 6 uses, good quality uses to be fair but at 15 quid a go, bit iffy on buying them again.

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Not arrived yet maybe tomorrow they should be ok for 1st few months just luck there after....

Basically the cable length is the only difference.
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