Sennheiser HD-201 headphones £10 instore @ Boots

Sennheiser HD-201 headphones £10 instore @ Boots



Fantastic earphones great find
good price, heat added!!! fareham is way too far.
Anyone from Fareham who could possibly get it for me?:/
How many were left on the shelf ?
summerof7620 m ago

How many were left on the shelf ?

4 I think
Might pop in tomorrow morning
Bought one and there's one left on the shelf
Comes with a healthy portion of dust too judging by the pic!
Thanks, bought 2, with 1 left (we get through a lot of headphones in our family). Noticed all the Sennheisers in Boots Newbury town centre store were half price including the HD205 @ £19.99 down from £39.99 (1 left) so must be national.
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Anyone know if there are any left? Fareham is 15 miles from me but I’ll make the trip if there are. Never had a pair of sennheisers before
These are bottom of the range Sennheisers and normally about £14.99 so a reasonable deal but not quality headphones. They do the job though if you want closed back and are not too bothered about sound quality.
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