Sennheiser HD 202 Headphone £15.99 @ Amazon (Lightning deal)

Sennheiser HD 202 Headphone £15.99 @ Amazon (Lightning deal)

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Just 2 hours to go till this lighting deal ends. Good value headphones.


If you need headphones get these, sound is great for this price, I've been using mine for at least a year and they are still the best pair i've ever bought. Bit pick for walking around with, I use them at home when working on my computer.

Good price, just missed a Flamedeer too lol.

Ordered,Thanks for posting, nice find, heat added

brill price shame just bought some similar heat added


I got mine for £14.99 at Currys

Look flimsy but at that price a year or two is fine. Heat and ordered, thanks.

*edit* I have the HD201's and they're fantastic, i'd happily have a pair of HD202's for this kind of money.
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Look flimsy but at that price a year or two is fine. Heat and ordered, … Look flimsy but at that price a year or two is fine. Heat and ordered, thanks.

The headphones can be removed so only the headband could really break, and the fact that the headphones come off means this is unlikely. (hope that makes sense)

My experience of Sennheisers is that they are built well and not prone to breaking.. but I guess that depends on usage, etc..

Just my 2 cents...

Just what I was looking for! thank you very much OP!

Nooooooooo more headphones for me, i just need some hangers to store the ones ive already got

Do these leak sound much? I need some that don't leak for the office!

These are a great pair of headphones and for this price it's a steal. Highly recommend them.

Great Headphones ... an absolute Steal at this price ... Have some Heat man X)

I've got a pair of HD497s that are physically identical to these and are still going strong 20+ years later
Other than a new cable and ear pads that is, but I could still buy these replacements 20 years later.
Stuff your Beats and Bose, these will give you a proper representation of what the artist intended

Finally took the plunge. My daughter breaks all my headphones, so at this price I won't mind as much.

I have these and Koss Porta Pros, and (as well as many others) the sound experience isnt that different on a wide mix of music. The Koss are muuuuch more comfortable. These full ear enclosure headphones also give too much human resonance....try eating a biscuit or walking with shoes on and you'll know what I mean.

Even at this price I prefer the Koss (even without lifetime warranty).

Back to £26 now

Good starter headphones if you plan on appreciating music. Had them for a year. The sound is great for that price (you probably won't get any better, not even close at that price). The wires, however, are extremely fragile and excessively long. Great for home use. You can even dance around the room thx to the wire length, but rather clumsy for the outside. You'd have to tie them into some awkward shape and carry it around like an extra item.

Good deal, just snuck in there with a minute to spare.


i think these now come with a cable winder thing. These don't have that thin a cable based on the pair my friend has. The 449 i think i own has VERY thin cables. don't wear those outside!

Ah missed it!

weren't these cheaper last week on Amazon lightning deal.????
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