Sennheiser HD 407 Open Headphones £13.99 delivered @

Sennheiser HD 407 Open Headphones £13.99 delivered @

Found 23rd Nov 2009Made hot 9th Dec 2009
* Key Features:
* Open, supra-aural, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones
* Ideal both for mobile audio sources such as MP3, MiniDisc & CD players and home mini hi-fi systems
* Specially designed damping perforation ensures rich, crisp bass response
* Lightweight diaphragm material with "turbine" embossing for extremely low bass
* Powerful neodymium magnets
* High levels and powerful bass for modern rhythm-driven music
* Clips to the belt: cord take-up for adjusting the cable length when listening on the move
* Extremely comfortable to wear due to ultra-lightweight design, even for extended listening
* Rugged outdoor design with extremely flexible headband
* 3m highly conductive OFC copper cable
* Replaceable ear pads made from soft fabric material
* 2-year guarantee
* Technical Data:
* Frequency response: 21-18,000 Hz (-3 dB/1 kHz)
* Transducer principle: dynamic, open
* Nominal impedance: 32 ohms
* Characteristic SPL at 1 kHz: 115 dB
* THD: * Ear coupling: supra-aural
* Weight (without cable): approx. 130 g
* Connector: 3.5/6.3 mm stereo mini jack plug with adaptor to 1/4" (6.3 mm) stereo jack plug, OFC copper cable
* Connection cable: 3 m


With their powerful sound and crisp bass, the HD 407 open dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones are an ideal choice for modern music such as rock and pop. The lightweight headphones are the perfect partner for mobile audio sources such as MP3, MiniDisc & CD players and for use with home mini hi-fi systems. When out and about, a convenient cord take-up lets you adjust the headphone cable to the required length.


Super hot Was so upset when my cable got damaged

So are these any good?

What does 'open' mean here?

Frank Hovis;6977512

What does 'open' mean here?

It means the headphones are open so sound leaks out the back, this helps prevent echo, but does mean other people can hear your music, closed headphones insulate from sound leakage.

Thanks for the info. Looks like I want closed...

I used these headphones as a spare set for djing incase my expensive pair broke. Excellent price and the sound quality is good. Quite heavy on the bass.

Sennheiser are excellent headphones and this is a hot deal.

I personally prefer (and require) the closed headphones and if you are looking for a mid range closed headphone I recommend the Sennheiser HD 215.

The enclosure on the HD 215 works better at noise cancelling than many noise cancelling headphones and the sound is great (don't be put off by the 'DJ' tag), but they retail usually around £50 and are too bulky to take outside the home unless you don't mind looking like Princess Leia.

Ordered, thanks!
Heat added.


which is the best … which is the best choice....

Thanks for the link.

Gone for the Goldrings.:thumbsup:

£12.99 now

Cool, went for a pair using QUIDCO
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