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Posted 21 October 2022

Sennheiser HD 660S (Refurbished) - £270 delivered @ Sennheiser Shop

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Used Sennheiser Outlet a couple of times before and apart for the dented packaging, the headphones I've bought were new, with unbroken security seals.
Amazon new price £429

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  • Accessories and Cables
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • 30-Day Free Return
  • Limited Stock

Products that have been tested, checked, and thoroughly inspected to meet the same high-quality standards as our new products.


Instruction Manual

The powerhouse open-back headphone

Connects you to the deepest corners of your music collection.

A Direct Connection To Your Music

Known for their engaging signatures and liquid-smooth response, HD 660S predecessors HD 650 and HD 600 shattered performance barriers in the audiophile headphone category.

The HD 660S transcends the best of that storied DNA with supernatural speed and effortless instrument reproduction—even at the bookends of the frequency spectrum.

Utilizing an all-new transducer and specially ventilated drive unit, the HD 660S delivers the revealing, tack-sharp detail audiophiles demand without sacrificing the engaging dynamics that make music so enjoyable.

From Our Ears To Yours

In just one listen you will understand why the HD 660S is so special. Thousands of listening sessions later its purpose is even clearer.

What you hear each and every time is the result of an open-back earcup mated to a new transducer tuned for the modern audiophile. Its speedy response is perfectly suited for reproducing those frequency-stretching recordings with confidence.

Thanks to an aluminum voice coil, the 38mm diaphragm remains nimble for ultra-quick impulse fidelity across the board. This activation and rest behaviour unlocks the capability to communicate tonal and spatial characteristics precisely.

Meshing Together

The steel mesh found on the HD 660S drive unit is interesting in design but most impressive when it comes to performance.

It completes the ventilated driver, offering consistent control of air displacement to reduce turbulence. As a result, diaphragm travel is pure, letting the music—and only the music—shine in a perfect balance of integrity and expression.

The steel composition allows for much tighter production tolerances, ultimately contributing to remarkably consistent characteristics of each HD 660S produced. When combined with the open-back earcups, the sound emanating from each transducer is completely free to expand, just as it would in nature.

Capability, Meet Versatility.

Today’s audiophile has more component choices than ever.

We optimized the HD 660S for efficiency on a wider range of devices to accommodate the varying levels of power present in output amplification circuitry.

At 150 ohms, the HD 660S is the perfect partner for dedicated amplifiers, A/V receivers, and digital audio players (DAPs)—the magnet is more powerful than its predecessors, and thus easier to drive regardless of how your setup changes over time.

Handled with care

Every HD 660S has experienced a matching regimen to mate each transducer to its opposite-channel counterpart.

These tolerances are extremely narrow and when bolstered by automated assembly processes, ensure that your HD 660S experience is consistent with those all over the globe.

We designed it with thoughtful, lightweight materials invisible to the acoustical system without sacrificing the durability needed for daily, all-day use. With a never-ending supply of music to consume, we wanted every touch point to be soft, luxurious, and durable for those extended listening sessions.

It's all about connection

We packed your HD 660S with a versatile set of essential cables, each one impedance-matched with ultra-low capacitance.

The ¼-inch / 6.3mm stereo connector offers the audiophile-standard plug for connection to devices such as headphone amplifiers and A/V receivers, digital audio players, analog gear, and more.

A balanced, 4.4mm connector opens a pathway to a newer generation of balanced output devices (headphone amplifiers, digital audio players, etc.) that embrace this compact plug’s superior stability over time. A balanced headphone setup offers an even lower noise floor with great dynamic range when connected to balanced source/amp circuit outputs. The listener will thus experience a wider soundstage, tightly controlled transients and impossibly-clear instrument separation.

Each cable is 9.8 feet / 3m long to accommodate unencumbered listening on gear deep within your shelves, or favorite listening chair, and a flexible adapter is included to reduce the 6.3mm to 3.5mm. An optional balanced cable (CH 650 S) is sold separately for simplified connection to 4-pin XLR jacks.

YouTube - Product Reviews

Help & Information

Sennheiser Shop More details at Sennheiser Shop
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  1. Avatar
    What would be the equivalent of this for someone that likes bass? I know closed back would be better for that but love open back ones for home usage. Currently using the HD 579
    Philips Fidelio X2HR are worth a look if you can get them for under £100 (They've been as low as £84 on Amazon UK in Feb this year but are currently £179!).

    You can see the X2HR (blue line) has better bass extension than the HD660s here:

    (it's a lot messier up top though!)

    From: diyaudioheaven.wordpress.com/hea…hr/ (edited)
  2. Avatar
    I'd say wait till black Friday. Last year sennheiser did 50% off the whole website
  3. Avatar
    Great price. I bought hd660s from the outlet a few years ago and were as new
  4. Avatar
    Very good headphones.
  5. Avatar
    Absolute no brainer. I bought the HD 600 originals from when they went on sale a little while back from their normal store and their reputation is completely merited. At that price for the S it’s worth a shot. Heard very good feedback about their refurbished outlet. Great spot @enallum
  6. Avatar
    And you get 2 years warranty.
  7. Avatar
    Was looking at the Sony WH-1000XM4 for around £250

    Would these be a far better upgrade or wait to see if the Sony headphones go on deal later this year?
    Try them. There's a free 30 day return policy. I think you won't be disappointed
  8. Avatar
    Great deal, cracking headphones, heat!
  9. Avatar
    I paid 240 a few months back. I sent them back. Was overall disappointed. They lacked a certain punch and sound dull at times. For the money I expected more
    These are not for bass lovers
  10. Avatar
    Sennheiser is king. You will get brand new items from the outlet.
    What do you think of the lowest range of Sennheiser headphones?

    I could/would never spend this kind of cash on headphones, but is there such a thing as a bad pair of Sennheiser's?
  11. Avatar
    Got these on the Black Friday thing last year. Love them. I use an ifi hip dac to boost the bass a bit, sound pretty much perfect to my ears.
  12. Avatar
    Fantastic headphones, very easy to drive.
  13. Avatar
    Bought hd800s last month from Sennheiser Outlet. The right ear cup has a crackling sound and it's been heavily used. It took almost 3 weeks with many emails trying to return it. Sennheiser using DHL as a courier and it's been a nightmare when dealing with DHL.
  14. Avatar
    Pretty funny but the HD600 seems to be considered better than the 660S
    The HD600, HD650, HD660s and HD-6xx are very similar physically and on frankly anyone could be EQ's to sound like one of the others. Given that the HD600 is usually around £100 less than the HD660s (both new and discounted on the Outlet), then its a much better buy. That said, i'm extremely happy with my HD660s (bought from Outlet for £262 in early 2020) and I do use the balanced cable it comes with (which the other models do not include)

    There are some graphs showing the relative frequency response of the HD600, 650 and 660s on DIYAudioHeaven website: diyaudioheaven.wordpress.com/hea…50/
  15. Avatar
    I bought them for 214 when there was this crazy 50% off on black friday. They are unbelievable for the price. I use them to relax and unwind after work or during lunch break.

    I still use my xm4 for travelling but this is just so clear sound. Definitely bargain at the moment with the current price.
  16. Avatar
    Back in stock at the moment @ £265 (edited)
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