Sennheiser HD218 - £19.99 @ Maplins - Free Delivery

Sennheiser HD218 - £19.99 @ Maplins - Free Delivery

Found 11th Feb 2013
Not got a Sainsburys near you or can't be bothered using petrol to get to one?

Get the same headphones as the deal below delivered to your door for free.…238

What Hi-Fi gives them 4 out of 5 stars at the £40 price.…218

By the way, this isn't my first post, so no need to be gentle with me. Just let 'em rip!


Had these in hmv chappelfield in Norwich last weekend £20 also had blue cross label which now makes them £15

Also, cheaper elsewhere - look on ebay

I wouldn't trust any Senns on eBay, especially cheap ones...

Or any other quality brand headphones .

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Cheap Sennheisers on eBay are almost always fakes.

Awesome deal if you can find them for £15 at a well known retailer though.

got one from sainsburys few weeks ago. very good sound quality for the price and solidly built.
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