Sennheiser IE8i Earphones for iphone £119.99 Superfi - Half Price Black Friday
These seem like a really good price. Around the £200 mark elsewhere. Not heard them but had quite a few pairs from Sennheiser. Free next day delivery too.

The Sennheiser IE8i delivers excellent audio with bass response you can precisely fine-tune to suit your taste. Its dynamic drivers with powerful neodymium magnets deliver outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity while its smart remote and microphone ensure easy management of tracks and calls.

The remote and microphone work with iPod, iPhone, iPad and Macbook computers to remotely control play back and calls. Voice control is supported by the latest iPod touch, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

The IE8i comes with a wide variety of ear adapters, so you can customise the fit for comfort and noise attenuation. Its carrying case has been fitted with (replaceable) dry salt pads to ensure a constant level of humidity of the product when stored.

Incredible quality and playback from the Sennheiser IE8i.


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Surprised at the lack of heat!

They were only £99 last year but still an amazing price


They were only £99 last year but still an amazing price

consider the pounds drop not a bad price

I have IE8s with an IE8i replacement cable and they are superb. This is an amazing price.

Great headphones. I have the IE80 for 5 years now.. never skipped a beat. I paid £267 for mine so this is a cracking price

Great price have some heat. My IE8 with IE8i cable are getting on for 6 or 7 years old. Still sound unbeatable. Worth every penny.

I was tempted by these but went for the ie80 instead. Great price, heat added.

bought these last week,,, amazing price for what is sennheiser top of the line in ear headphones... comparable to the likes of others makes like shure at 2 or 3 times this price... rave reviews everywhere... cant believe this hasnt got heat....!!!!
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