Sennheiser Momentum 1.0 On-Ear Headphones - Red £59.99 @ Amazon

Sennheiser Momentum 1.0 On-Ear Headphones - Red £59.99 @ Amazon

Found 10th Jul 2016
Saw this posted on head fi. Red only at this price and it looks like previously only the pink ones have been this low.

This is the 1st version and they are the on-ears not over ears.
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Got the pink (yeah, yeah) and they are indeed excellent. All the reviews rate them as top of the crop at £145+, let alone at this price. Would have preferred the over-ear model as these get uncomfortable after an hour or two, but they still cost loads.
Great price, got these a year ago and great sound, however they do get very uncomfortable after about an hour
On ear not over ear. They leak sound and are incredibly uncomfortable. I'd rather use my £5 earphones any day.
had these for about a year then sold them for the over ears. excellent price for these
Great headphones. Amazing quality sound and they look good too.
They do indeed get a little uncomfortable after after a while, but it's not too bad.
Sound leakage also not that bad. I can comfortably listen to them on public transport at a reasonable level without any issues. However if you like your music at full volume they will leak too much.

Great price however! I pad over £150 for mine when they first came out.
Great price, but the red and green have been this price before. I know because I own the red ones
the over ears also get uncomfortable after a while - for me anyway. A friend had these and they sound just as good as each other.
Good price. But it's not as good a pair of headphones as the reviews suggest.
Uncomfortable, leak sound, overly bright with uninspiring midrange. Also not foldable so not very practical for travel.
But they do look good. So if you're buying as a fashion accessory they're well worth the price.
over ears rule (on ear = uncomfortable over time)
Have these headphones too; excellent sound quality and soft padded material. However, as other have said, they do get a little uncomfortable after prolonged use. Steal at this price tho ;D
It's worth going through Flubit if buying, I got a price of £52.56.
These are some of the most comfortable on-ear headphones I've ever worn, if anyone is sat there worrying about that side of things. Sound quality wise they easily hold their own in the £150+ bracket. At this price they are smoking hot for the audio quality, and not just because they look good (ignore the WUM 4 posts up).

It's worth going through Flubit if buying, I got a price of £52.56.

as a flubit elite member, i was offered £57, which is the same as amazon price after my NUS discount
Horrendously uncomfortable for the first 2 weeks before becoming an amazing set of cans you can wear for hours. Great bass punch and detailed (maybe overly so) highs.
Bought earlier in the week. Thanks OP. Like them, well worth the price, although I prefer my now 'old' V-moda m80s, which I find more comfortable. The sound is a matter of taste, I probably wasn't blown away by the Momentums, given that I'm used to the V-modas, which did cost double anyways and that was still a bargain found here.
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