Sennheiser MX 90 VC In-Ear Headphones 2/3 OFF! @

Sennheiser MX 90 VC In-Ear Headphones 2/3 OFF! @

Found 20th Nov 2008
High-quality stereo earphones
Specially tuned damping system ensures detailed sound reproduction
High-quality materials accentuate the unique design
Innovative holding design (Twist-to-fit system) ensures best-possible fit
Ear adapter set and rubber buds for individually matching different ears
Volume control and carrying case included

Next cheapest is ~21 quid from Amazon.


Looks ok but haven't used these so cannot coment on sound quality. There is plenty of reviews on play and amazon tho.


these were on sale at play for 8 quid not too long ago, however they are brilliant in terms of sound quality

i got rid of the standard earphones with my touch for these and havent looked back,

the only thing that annoys me is that the leads coudl do with a bit less memory as they can be uncontrollable at times with bends and twists all over the place, a problem i never had woth the apple earphones

Very good price. I had a pair of these, paid nearly £40, and wasn't upset with them or how much I paid. Excellent head phones, if not a little painful, at first,as you have to twist them into your ear. Volume control cold have been designed better as it is just a slider. Still a good price

These have previously been £7.99 and then they jumped to £9.99, now they are *back to: £12.99.

I'd hold out and wait for another price crash on these before purchasing today...…la/



Thanks for reminder :thumbsup:
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