SENNHEISER Mx550 Earphones £7.99 @ HMV + free uk delivery

SENNHEISER Mx550 Earphones £7.99 @ HMV + free uk delivery

Found 16th Feb 2009Made hot 17th Feb 2009
The powerful MX 550 earphones feature Sennheiser's innovative "Basswind" system, a symmetrical cable and an ultra-lightweight volume control.


# Ideal for portable players such as MP3 or CD
# Powerful stereo sound
# Balanced "Basswind" system
# Metal "Sound Protection System" protects the acoustic systems
# Rugged design
# Cable with anti-kink sleeve
# Ultra-lightweight volume control
# Symmetrical cable (1 m)


Great price for a top brand


Great price for a top brand

Have you got a pair?

These people on Amazon aren't impressed....…s=1

I have Sennheisers yes

Not these ones mind you

People pay that for Bush ones, how bad can they be lol

yup, what do u expect for £8 man? bergain imo

tesco value , 1.99 . .

prefer jvc meself


tesco value , 1.99 . .prefer jvc meself

I've just spent £15 on some JVC ones and they are utter [email protected] - it was sort of an impulse buy. I'd rather have spent £2 on tesco value or £8 on these any day!

what code ?, these are ha-f10c


yup, what do u expect for £8 man? bergain imo

Ones that last a bit longer than the ones in the reviews. I have a pair of SENNHEISER CX-300s myself and they are over 2 years old and are used regularly. I think I paid about £10 (now £16.99 on Amazon and reviews are a lot better). I do wonder if the SENNHEISERs quality has decreased as even on the CX-300s there is the odd comment on them not lasting. Mine get quite a bit of abuse.

These are rubbish, mine broke in no time. Cold.


I had MX550s and they aren't great, better than standard ipod 'phones though. I have CX300s now and they are well worth the extra money.
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