Sennheiser MX550 In Ear Headphones - £9.99 delivered
Sennheiser MX550 In Ear Headphones - £9.99 delivered

Sennheiser MX550 In Ear Headphones - £9.99 delivered

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Thes Sennheiser MX550 In Ear Headphones are now just £9.99 delivered in the ebuyer sale!

Details: Featuring Sennheiser's innovative "Basswind" system, a symmetrical cable and an ultra-lightweight volume control.

Features: Ideal for portable players such as MP3 or CD | Powerful stereo sound | Balanced "Basswind" system | Metal "Sound Protection System" protects the acoustic systems | Rugged design | Cable with anti-kink sleeve | Ultra-lightweight volume control | Symmetrical cable (1 m) | 2-year guarantee


Its a decent price but i have to say i think these are overrated.

Build quality isn't great. The silver mesh cover regularly drops out of one of my earpieces and i keep loosing sound from one earpiece due to the volume slider being dodgy ( waggle the cable and the sound comes back). The cables are extremely thin and not moulded into the inline volume slider.
The case is a truely awful design too ( no easy way to hold it whilst winding in the cable).

I've got these and don't really rate them. I'd recommend buying CX300 or PX200 instead. £9.99 is a fair price for these though.

I'd second that - not a lot more for PX100/CX300 and way better than these.

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Thanks guys, always good to have a users feedback on a product (good or bad)

the CX300 are semi-canal (driver is outside ear but they do seal). online store price is around £21 (i think the silver on amazon are the cheapest), but you can get them for £15 delivered (black/silver, white are more) on ebay. watch out for fakes, the cheapest auction sellers (around £10 delivered) are mostly fakes.
edit: actually look at amazon marketplace around £10+p&p but again check feedback/returns etc for fakes.

or, get the Creative EP-630 which are basically the same* for £19 from stores or around £9 in auctions

*(there are debates about this but i think the main difference is the creative's y-cord and straight plug vs j-cord on right angle plug in CX300, so take your pick)

these are way above any open type headphone in sound quality, as long as you dont mind the microphonic effect (hearing yourself, bit like having your fingers in your ears!). and possible hazard of not being to hear outside. but these are not full on scary into-your-brain canalphones (which are way more expensive anyway) and i think they're a great compromise and value.

writing all this down because i've just gone through this myself and might save other people 2 hours research.

I order a pair of cx300s for empire direct

Collect in store 21.99, received a call to say they are not available in store a will post free to my home address....

therefore cx300 21.99 posted.... amazon out of stock

Creative EP-63 are these ideal for walkmans and listening on ur laptop?

hey, the Sennheiser CX300 Black are now 18.99 at Amazon (really, not martketplace)

i would have bought these if i hadnt already bought them for £15 from ebay, for the security of knowing they are genuine.

@Roadie, they're headphones with a standard 3.5mm plug, use for whatever i explained above why these are different from most headphones people get.

Bump to get the hacked one off the top of the thread.

hi millarcat just wondering what you edited in my post? don't see any difference

the silver are now reduced to 19.99


no word on the white ones from amazon.

these are great, im on a crusade to get people to convert to "canal-phones", the sound is so much better you would not believe the bass and you can keep the volume lower (because they attenuate outside noise you are not competing with outside sounds) so less hearing damage. and if you are scared of deep + expensive canal phones these are the #1 place to start. better than the sony fontopias.
oh and they're less annoying to other people because less sound leakage!

should probably have started a new thread sorry..

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Hi smiff, there was nothing wrong with your post. I only added a hukd's aff link to your link - i do it so often i sometimes forget to put the reason ....

ive had the cx300's for a while and i love them. the build quality is good and the sound is fantastic
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