Sennheiser OMX 181 Stereo Earphones Flexible Ear Hooks - £6.75 instore @ Tesco

Sennheiser OMX 181 Stereo Earphones Flexible Ear Hooks - £6.75 instore @ Tesco

Found 9th Dec 2014
Reduced at Tesco Upper Boat, near Pontypridd are these
Sennheiser OMX 181 Stereo Earphones Flexible Ear Hooks

They're £32 online but you can get them on other sites for around £15.

They are near the click and collect desk and there's about 20 sets left at the moment..
Probably store specific.

Link added for product comparison - HUKD
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repost. picked up a pair yesterday

repost. picked up a pair yesterday

Yes, it looks like they aren't as store specific as I thought they might be.
Missed yesterdays post so Cheers for this!
Have a pair of these, can't really recommend them.

Firstly, the speaker "buds" are large and dont fit well inside the ear (not just my ears, this is commented upon regularly in reviews, I looked just in case I had funny ears, ha) and so they pop out/come loose regularly.

Secondly, the jack is a) inexplicably short and b) elbowed, a combination of the "shoulder" of the short jack and the slight bevel on my ZTE blade at the headphone socket means that the jack is constantly popping out of the socket unless I keep a finger on it. Even without any bevel on the headphone socket, I suspect these would regularly pop out anyways due to the elbowed jack which acts as a hook and regularly finds ways to get snagged (and thus disconnected) when inside pockets.

These problems are fine if sitting still, but you are likely to become frustrated with these headphones if you like listening to devices on the move.

Dosen't stop this being a deal, but i've found these headphones infuriating due to basic design flaws.
Good price if you can get them!
In contrast to the previous poster, I have two pairs of these purchased from Tesco in daily use for a month, power walking, cycling and around the office and I thoroughly recommend them.

Whilst the hook on earphone business end is large and does not fit well inside my ear with either the supplied foam or rubber covers fitted, they are not intended to fit into the ear and are fine without either the foam or rubber fitted.

Secondly the jack is slender and designed with length to accommodate the fact that most smart phones are fitted with cases and thus it fits snuggly into my Iphone 5, Ipod Touch 3rd Gen, Creative Zen Micro and Sansa Clip, although with the Sansa Clip it needs an additional shove to get it fully engaged. At no point has the jack pulled out of any device and I would not expect it to at the angled jack would not provide a straight pull.

Sound wise they are really good, although one anomaly that I have noticed with both pairs is that if the inline volume is turned up to 100%, the volume in the left ear is ever so slightly greater than the right ear, an issue easily resolved by turning the volume down a miniscule amount.
great!! cheers!!
Huh. Picked some different types yesterday for around £4. Need some sport ones
great deal
Look good for running, but I picked up a sports pair of sennheisers a while back and wasn't at all impressed
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