Sennheiser PC 130 Overhead Gaming Headset - Was £37.99 Now £17.99

Sennheiser PC 130 Overhead Gaming Headset - Was £37.99 Now £17.99

Found 15th Aug 2006
The Sennheiser PC 130 Overhead Gaming Headset is a flexible and effective headphone specifically tailored to the needs of the gamer, and has been reduced to just £17.99 delivered at Cheapest elsewhere is £27!

Specifications: Noise cancelling microphone: Robust microphone for high speech intelligibilty. Compatible with almost any sound card.

Microphone rest position: For convenience and easy transportation the microphone boom is adjustable and pivotable. Stereo headset with single sided cable: Wearble left or right. Ear pads are interchangeable

Suitable for Internet and Voice over IP. Voice recognition. In line volume control. Usable with CD/DVD/MP3 players. Includes 2 adaptor to 3.5mm stereo jack for both voice and mic PC sockets
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Good find!

I have these and they're are cracking gaming headphones, cheaper than some non-branded ones too a this price. They are really comforatble and mic is also good. Soundwise, they're not quite as good as my Sennheiser PX-200 headphones, but still, grab 'em while you can at this price.
Thanks for the feedback wingnut :thumbsup: Great to here a good report from someone who has the headphones :-D
Well I have these and they are pretty good but I find the resizable action a little loose so the headphones slip quite easily. I might just have a small head though
These are instock and still available at £17.99
They've been available for a while, I sold a good few of these on ebay, if anybody is looking for a business
These are ideal for Voice recognition programs, seeing as i have Nusance Dragon Naturally Speaking V9 Preferred... It's looks like we have a winner =) Thank you millarcat... Meow =P
You're welcome quackstar84 :-D and thanks for the extra info :thumbsup:
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