Sennheiser PC 350 2015 Special Edition Gaming Headset £74.99 @ Amazon

Sennheiser PC 350 2015 Special Edition Gaming Headset £74.99 @ Amazon

Found 29th Nov 2016
You could do a lot worse for more money.

I have had several "gaming" headsets and I still use the original PC350 headset at work, now some 6 years old (ear pads swapped once for the same ones used on the g4me zero). Got my wife these PC350se editions too. I also use the g4me zero at home.

I would recommend the g4me zero but these are just as good minus the bling and comfy ear pads. The ear pads on the PC350 SE's are a bit stiff and it is the only significant difference. The good news is later you could just get the memory ear foam pads used on the more expensive g4me zero and put it on to these. They are some £30 delivered though, but should see you through another 5 years. I much prefer the non sleeved normal rubber cable on the PC 350se's though, as they seem to pick up noise from the cable touching things much less.

The sennheiser headsets have excellent sound quality but they are not bass heavy. That is not to say they don't have bass, because they do, it is just not over emphasized.

Comfort is amazing and I could wear them for many hours.
They are closed back.
The mic is as good as it gets in this price range.


same price in argos.

In my experience sennheiser work well for how I use my Mic. It'll pick up quiet people without having to cough at the start of every sentence. Can't speak for this model as used different in my job, but I may have to get one as I have this issue with xb headsets.

Great headset, good price. Always found these very comfortable too.

I bought the originals in 2009, replaced the earpads with velor ones when they gave up, bass modded them, run over the cable probably 5 times every friday night and still they work bloody great.
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