Sennheiser PMX 70 In-Ear Sports Headphones - £12.82 Delivered @ Play Sold By Smart Deals
Sennheiser PMX 70 In-Ear Sports Headphones - £12.82 Delivered @ Play Sold By Smart Deals

Sennheiser PMX 70 In-Ear Sports Headphones - £12.82 Delivered @ Play Sold By Smart Deals

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Rugged stereo neckband headphones, verticla transducer system. Sweat and water resistant construction.

Most people love these, some people hate them, all I can say is mine have had 4 years of sweat and toil and still going strong with good quality sound (and I paid a lot more than 13 quid at that time).

+ Quidco possibly


Ooo - good find. Heat added

Excellent reviews. Gadget show gives it 5 G's fwd.channel5.com/gad…x70
Seems to be the cheapest price as well. However they are not direct from Play, actually from Play trade, so a chance they may be fakes.

I think they're good. No doubt the quality is pretty decent.

You WILL find these uncomfortable, at least at first. It took me about 5 runs before I stopped finding them annoying. They don't come with anything to adjust them, but once you've worn them in, they fit quite nicely. They NEVER come off when I'm running and I always used to find the normal in-earphones annoying to keep putting back in. Not great for running with a hoody on though, I must say; the back bit always pushes the headphones into your ears.

Great headphones, need a few hours run in for best performance. My last pair took a lot if abuse before I accidentally sliced the cable.

great for running, had mine for years and never looked back

taken a chance on these being the real deal as getting really annoyed at my left ear plug falling out whilst running. fingers crossed!

if theyre real, its a good deal, amazon are selling them around 18 quid. i have the pmx80's which are similar (orange colour, not sure if there is any diff in performance) and they have worked pretty well. not the most comfortable or the greatest sound, but they stay in whilst jogging and havent died out due to sweat or even light rain.

Interestingly all 4 Play Traders are selling at under £13. Need a pair for backup and pondering...

I've had a pair of these for the past 2 years and these are the only headphones that stay in when I'm jogging. My old pair are currently starting to fall apart, so this is the perfect time to buy another.
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great for running, had mine for years and never looked back

That sounds really dangerous, especially at road junctions. (_;)

Seriously though I use these for running too and they really are the best headphones ive ever used for that purpose.

My only concern would be the risk of them being fakes.

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I also use these for unning. They are uncomfortable for the first couple of hours but after that they are brilliant. I was using the iPod earphones which kept falling out of my ears. I've worn these sennheiser ones for 3 half marathons and never had them move on me. The sound quality isn't as good as top end earphones but then as you're out running it hardly matters. Pair these with a 2nd gen iPod shuffle and you've got a perfect running setup.

My earphones have been drenched before running in Northumberland for 13 miles during a storm and they didn't die. I can't recommend these enough for runners.

They look awful tho

That's not an issue when you're out running. I wouldn't use them for anything except running and in the gym.

Excellent headphones, been running with mine for years.


They look awful tho

not buying them to look at them tho

Had a pair of these for years - only used when running. The best for that job I've ever had. Mine are starting to give up the ghost now but that is after years of abuse!

Great value, assuming no fakes are involved.

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mine arrived today, not fakes

not impressed with this product - sound appears to phase in and out due to the angle of the earpieces moving about as I cycle/jog. There is no way these will fall off my head which is good, but the way the sound adjusts due to the headsets movement is extremely disappointing. maybe it is the shape of my head?

Expired - No longer available from this seller.
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