Sennheiser PX 100 Mini-Headphones White £17.99 Delivered @ Play.com
Sennheiser PX 100 Mini-Headphones White £17.99 Delivered @ Play.com

Sennheiser PX 100 Mini-Headphones White £17.99 Delivered @ Play.com

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I know it's been posted for thousands of times, but it's back again.

Dynamic stereo mini headphones
Great for travel and outdoor use with mobile sources such as CD, MD or MP3 players
Fold and flip: registered design allows the ear cups to be turned through 90° and fold the headphones closed (headphones will lock in open and closed positions)
1.4 m Kevlar-reinforced OFC copper cable with 3.5 mm stereo jack plug
Fits into the shirt pocket: rugged transport case with cord take-up (145 x 75 x 27 mm)
Excellent sound quality for mobile audio sources
High-resolution sound due to Sennheiser "Duofol" diaphragms with spiral embossing (reduces and spreads eigenforms)
Strong Neodymium magnets for extremely low distortion
High efficiency and powerful reproduction
Balanced and detailed sound image for all types of music
Crisp and fast bass response due to system "twin damping" with 80ppi polyurethane and special perforated elements
Special baffle (based on the legendary HD 414) ensures very balanced sound
Lightweight: only 60 g without cable
Comfortable: headband with split padding
Rugged and durable: robust steel headband with metal joints, steel-reinforced headband ends, connection to the ear cups tested for durability
Easily replaceable ear pads and headband padding (ear cups and headband can be replaced by your dealer)
2-year guarantee
*Received a 5 star rating in What Hi-Fi Sound And Vision magazine


missus has these and i have porta pros (same price)
porta pro have a touch more bass but sennheiser slightly cleaner sounding overall
porta pro also looks ugly, folds badly (or i fold it badly) and catches hair - but this is white!

Top headphones, have them myself. Pop up at this price quite often but have been replaced now and new model is much more expensive. Not sure if this model is continuing to be be manufactured or not so probably wouldn't hang about making your decision.

Only downsides to them are that the pads are pretty flimsy (mine disintegrated after a year of heavy use) and they leak a lot of sound both ways which means everyone can hear your music on the train and you need it pretty loud when walking along busy roads.

On the plus side. Amazing sound quality for the price, very clever folding mechanism and nice hard case. As said above very clean, open sound but still more than enough at the low end. Would suit most types of music well. I just have issues with classical because of the afore mentioned problem with external noise drowning out quieter passages which you tend not to find in rock or pop music.

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My HD600 has been staying in its drawer since I got this PX100
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