Sennheiser Urbanite headphones £49.99 - instore at HMV (High Wycombe)

Sennheiser Urbanite headphones £49.99 - instore at HMV (High Wycombe)

£49.99HMV Deals
Found 1st Dec
Reduced to £49.99 seems a good price for these in store at HMV High Wycombe


Any good?!?

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mro20111 m ago

Any good?!?

Had a quick look they seem to have very positive reviews

They were doing the XL version for £69.99 too. Great headphones. Awesome at the money.

mro201125 m ago

Any good?!?

I dont think Sennheiser make bad Heaphones. These are a bargain price too.

I think these have been this price for a few months now as I bought some in the Summer from HMV. They looked and sounded really good but I ended up selling them on ebay as they were quite tight and not very comfortable to wear while I had my glasses on at work. I may just have a big head though.

This offer has been going for ages and is aready on here

Have been that price for ages , I got a pair and they are ok. No Bluetooth and bespoke 2.5mm to 3.5 mm cable that costs half the price of the headphones to replace

If you fancy a goose chase check out boots. They were doing them for £35.
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