SensatioNail Polish to Gel Starter Kit (LED Gel Lamp, Cleanser, Primer, Transformer, USB Lead/Adaptor, Mixing Pot, Lint Wipes) Introductory Price £34.99 At Boots

SensatioNail Polish to Gel Starter Kit (LED Gel Lamp, Cleanser, Primer, Transformer, USB Lead/Adaptor, Mixing Pot, Lint Wipes) Introductory Price £34.99 At Boots

Found 17th Feb 2016
RRP £49.99. This has just been released today, so might be of interest to some! You can also get large or double-size Transformer refill bottles on Boots or the Sensationail website (see bottom of Post #1).

The SensatioNail Gel LED lamp instantly cures your manicure in 30 seconds and locks in shine. The kit includes everything you need to turn your regular polish into a smooth, smudge-free gel polish that lasts for up to 10 days.

Removes easily in 5-10 minutes and will not damage nails.

Refills of Polish to Gel, cleanser & primer available to buy separately along with Removal items

Each kit contains:

Gel Cleanser 14.6ml
Gel Primer 3.54ml
Polish to Gel Transformer 7.39ml
Pro LED Lamp with USB lead and mains adaptor
12 Lint free Wipes
Mixing Pot
Double-sided nail buffer
Manicure Stick

How does polish to gel work?
Polish to gel transformer is a brand new type of liquid which, when added to normal nail polish, turns it into a gel polish. Magic!

There are two ways to apply polish to gel transformer:

1. The mixing method
Put a few drops of normal polish into the mixing pot (provided in the polish to gel Starter Kit) and mix with the same amount of polish to gel transformer.
Paint the polish on to your nails and cure under the SensatioNail LED lamp for 30 seconds.
Apply a second coat the same way.
Finally, apply a single coat of polish to gel transformer on its own to the nail and cure for 15 seconds.
Wipe with cleanser on the lint free wipe and you’re done - it’s completely dry! Enjoy up to 10 days of gorgeous polish.

2. Gel top coat method
Paint your nails with normal nail polish and allow to fully dry (not just touch dry!) naturally.
Apply a layer of polish to gel and cure under the SensatioNail LED lamp for 15 seconds.
Wipe with cleanser and you're done. Easy peasy.
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Starter Kit (jpeg taken from the Sensationail website, the Boots offer doesn't come with the cosmetics bag/nail art)

Limitless Colour Options
Turn any nail polish into a gel - including all your favourite nail polish colours. Plus mix different polishes with polish to gel transformer to create completely new colours.

No Dry Time
Polish to gel transformer cures colours in 30 seconds and top coat in 15 seconds - using the latest SensatioNail LED lamp. Once you wipe at the end of your manicure, it’s completely dry. That’s much faster than normal nail polish dries and it’ll last at least twice as long!

High Shine
Polish to gel transformer creates a high shine gel finish when mixed with normal nail polish or used as a top coat.

No Chipping
Ultra strong nails with polish to gel transformer. Normal nail polish can chip easily but polish to gel transformer strengthens the polish resulting in longer wear and stronger nails.

Lasts up to 10 Days
Normal nail polish will usually last two to four days. Use with polish to gel transformer and your nail polish will last for up to 10 days!

Easy to remove
Remove Polish to Gel quickly and easily with acetone, either using our foil nail wraps or by soaking. Removes in half the time of standard SensatioNail gel polish!

SensatioNail Polish to Gel Transformer refill (14.7ml) £13.50 (save £1.50)

SensatioNail Polish to Gel Transformer refill (7.39ml) £9.99…68/

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I have the "ordinary" Sensationail Gel Starter Kit - the LED lamp is brilliant! Compared to my old UV lamp which took 2-3 minutes per cure, this lamp takes 15-30 seconds!
Hi Louise. Sent you a DM
how does this compare to gelish please?
Thank you Louise. You're a star. ♥
I'm curious about this new "transformer" polish to gel as I've got tons of varnishes, would be great to use them, and save money! The Sensationail gel colours are pricey!

The Youtube review on Post #1 sounds promising, though she suggests it's better to use highly pigmented/thicker nail varnishes as the transformer will dilute them (you do a half and half mixture before applying to nails).
Re gel varnishes and compatibility with LED and UV lamps.

LED varnishes/lamps are new to me, but this LED vs UV article might help - it also lists which brands are suitable for each type (Sensationail Starter Kits, obviously, come with an LED lamp).

I'm sure there's other brands that could be added to the LED-friendly list, but it's a good guide.

This article is useful too

1. Gel Polishes Are (Mostly) Interchangeable

At-home gel polish is considered “Soak Off Gel Polish”. This differs from hard gel (the kind you would get a sculpted manicure with) and is a hybrid between said hard gel and a nail polish. They can be cured under UV or LED light. All of these kits (and pretty much all other at-home gel manicure kits) use LED lights. They cure faster, have longer-lasting lights and are generally a little safer. All of the gel polishes in this article (and all other LED polishes) can be interchanged. If you want to use a Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish color with a Gelish lamp and the SensatioNail removal kit- go ahead.

2. Don’t Buy Cleansers and Removers

Well, if you want to- go right ahead. However, you might be surprised to know that gel cleanser is really nothing other than plain old rubbing alcohol, and gel removers are 100% pure acetone*. You can grab those at a local beauty supply or even drugstore and you’ll pay a LOT less.

3. Don’t Throw Out Your Regular Nail Polishes

Of course, brands will tell you to only use gel polish with their systems…and if you want the results, I’ll say the same thing. I didn’t want to say goodbye to all of my regular nail polishes though, so I tried “sandwiching” regular polish in between gel polish base & top coats. It didn’t last a full 2 weeks, but it certainly lasted a lot longer than my usual 2-3 days of chip-free wear. So even though they say not to… I say rules are meant to be broken.

4. Always Soak Off- Don’t Peel!

There’s a reason it’s called “soak-off” gel polish… you need to soak it off! Gel manicures are great because they dry instantly, last for up to two weeks and don’t damage nails… ONLY if you remove them properly. If you’re going to commit to gel polish manicures, then be prepared to commit to lengthy removal processes involving lots of acetone and tin-foil wraps. If you peel, you will damage your nails. I’m telling you from experience!

*You can buy bottles of Pure Acetone easily from Pound Shops, Savers, etc
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how does this compare to gelish please?

​It is gel, I have one of their kits an it is great. I've not tried this new gel that comes in this kit but the ones I do have are brilliant. whenever I do my nails with an of the gels I have they last anything from 1-3 weeks. hope this helps.
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