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SENSEO Coffee Pads (36 in pack) £1.00 at poundstretcher
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SENSEO Coffee Pads (36 in pack) £1.00 at poundstretcher

Posted 3rd Jul 2017Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

For stalwart users of the Granddaddy of coffee pod/pad machines Poundstretcher have for sale packs of 36 Extra Strong or Mocca SENSEO Gourmet pads at only £1 per pack!

I know that trying to get varieties for the Senseo's an ever-challenging struggle with only the standard variety commonly available unless you source pads from abroad or use a Coffee Duck adaptor so to come across these was a surprise. Please note that the packs are imported stock. I was advised by store staff this offer's national.

I hope this helps someone.
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Spotted in Rotherham. Hopefully this is a regular item and not a one off.
Great price thank you.​
Home bargains also had the Americano mug sized pads for a similar price last week, worth a check if you have one nearby!
Are these compatible with an nespresso machine?

Are these compatible with an nespresso machine?

No, they are for a Senseo machine.
Had plenty in Chelmsford. I can confirm having used the pods this afternoon that they are the real deal. Sell by date is 15.08.17. Usually sell by date is around a year ahead of purchase date.
Wasted time chasing this deal in Poundstretcher, Hoddesdon, Herts. this afternoon. Had both types of Senseo 36 pod packs on the shelf, but marked up at £1.99 (or, 2 for £5.00!). Staff scanned items - system confirmed £1.99, not £1.00 - no manager around to override, and no answer on their customer services number, so left empty handed. Can also confirm very short shelf life, expiry mid August this year, so about 6 weeks ahead. Normally, I buy from Amazon France and get them with about 10 - 12 months expiry date. Also, several other items in the store were different prices to those shown online, e.g. Kenco Rich coffee 100g jars.

so these fit one of these ?https://www.senseo.co.uk/appliances/

Just picked some up thanks to seeing them on here - thanks OP. The Mocca smell like coffee and not chocolate and coffee. Not tried them yet as my machine is at my folks.
Many thanks op - managed to get some in Kendal.
loads in bramley shopping centre leeds, just stocked up.
just bought 2 packs of 36 for £2,brilliant,love the coffee.even though they have a short date it will do for me.thank you.
Am going to buy some today. Dont have a machine and too expensive to buy. Just stick one in a mug, pour in hot water and let it brew. No different than a big tea bag from what I read on the net.
just bought 5 packs of extra strong. 180 very decent coffee pads for £5 (so much better value than my Tassimo Americano 16 discs/cups for £5). Stuck one in a mug and added hot water (no machine). Drinking the coffee now. Absolute bargain. Dont worry about that expiry date. Good for another year at least I would imagine. Best bargain on here at the min.
Thanks, bought some yesterday at the Redcar store, should keep me going for a while.
Nice, stocking up, cheers OP.
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