Sensible Soccer 2006 for PS2 only £2

Sensible Soccer 2006 for PS2 only £2

Found 12th Jul 2007
Been in Tesco Newton Aycliffe.

Tesco have their Entertainment Price Blitz on at the moment.
Various cheap DVD's, CD's and Games for different platforms.

Sensible Soccer for PS2 is marked up as £2.
This game is £9.99 on, possibly cheaper elsewhere?

They also had Carol Vorderman's Sudoku and Rollercoaster Tycoon, all for PS2 and also £2 each.

This is a Tesco Extra store, it's also one of the few that you can use for Tesco Direct.
This may be a factor in the availability of the offer.
I don't know for sure.
Maybe there is a Tesco employee who could shed some light !!

Sorry, that should read Rollercoaster World...not Tycoon.
- barginfan


Its probably the wrost Sensi ever made...and worst football game ever!!!! Im waiting for the original to come out on the 360 arcade next month :-D

Poor graphics, not a good game if you play it alone & dont have any mates......
Hell of a laugh multiplayer though. This game takes ages to master - try crossing the ball & heading it in.
Gameplay is brilliant - dont expect the ball to go in every time just because you press the shoot button - like fifa07.

The best multiplayer footy game by far.

easy as anything single player (once you get used to the shoot/pass/player positions). Hedious graphics. Decent simple multiplayer game.

for £2 its ok..... i bought it when the offer from game appeared... was i disspapointed... - nice find though - voted hot and rep on its way,....

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Good game or bad
School summer hols on the way.
For £2 it might keep the darlings busy for a while.
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