Sensible Soccer @ Game 2.98 Free Delivery

Sensible Soccer @ Game 2.98 Free Delivery

Found 9th Feb 2007
Sensible Soccer 2.98 at Game,

Don't know if it will benefit anyone, but it's not a bad price for a PS2 game, it's in stock with Immediate Availability at the moment.



Thanks deard69, good price :thumbsup:

No longer available immediately, but there will be 10 or so copies available next week.

thank you ... our son will love this ... cheers a very good price :thumbsup:


I'd promised myself I'd stop buying these bargain games as I've got too many to devote enought time to them, but this one was just too good to miss.

Great bargain, thanks!

I got a free sensible soccer tshirt (i wear it for bed as its huuuuge), just another perk of being the girlfriend of a member of the games design team

grrrrrr. cant order as the checkout part is blocked by our works filter the site is ok to browse but checkout is classed as games???!?!?!?!?!?

My order just confirmed must still be in stock?



Looks like a good budget priced game - especially for those who have fond memories of playing the originals.......voted hot


Now out of stock - pooh!

Any chance someone can expire this post and remove from front page then?

It's not as good as the original, but if you can find it at this price again it's well worth it.

there are loads on ebay that tend to sell for a couple of quid if anyone still wants one. cheapest i saw was 99p & postage

just managed to pick up a copy from my local store for smae price, was marked at 4.99 instore but went through at 2.98.

anyone played this ever? any good?
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