Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste (Mint) 75ml £1.00 in Tesco
Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste (Mint) 75ml £1.00 in Tesco

Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste (Mint) 75ml £1.00 in Tesco

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This is normally about £2.76 but my local Tesco were selling these for just a £1.00! That's cheaper than teh normal Sensodyne toothpaste! I use this stuff as I've got sensitive teeth and it does make a difference imo.

When used 2-4 times daily, Sensodyne Pronamel aids re-hardening of tooth enamel to help protect teeth from acid erosion. Its neutral pH is kind on tooth enamel. It is also specially formulated for sensitive teeth.


is this a national offer !

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is this a national offer !

I don't know, but it was labelled up on the shelf and not a misprint


I don't know, but it was labelled up on the shelf and not a misprint


does this include the gentle whitening?

I literally just walked in from the shops. I bought the pronamel from Boots for £3!
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does this include the gentle whitening?

How would that work? Whitening is done by abrasion, the pronamel does the opposite by trying to trick the teeth into filling in cracks and pits in the enamel.

no doubt the best toothpate ever!!!!!!

u can easily feel the difference after just a week... i will stock up


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yeh I bought 6 @ £1! I think this is applicable for Mint only and 75ml. The Whitening one was full price...

Need to get this, as I use a mint with whitening in the morning, then sentitive teeth in the afternoon, then the enamel building one at night after dinner.

Now if only someone finds me a deal on the lysterine 6 in 1 mouthwash....

If you can't get this from your local Tesco, the next cheapest I have found is £2 at Superdrug and £2.17 at Wilkinsons.

Good price, but the whole enamel improvement talk is marketing bogus.
This may be less harsh and abrasive than some other brands, but to claim that a toothpaste thickens enamel is a joke. Even more bogus is their enamel pro mouthwash lol.
They can add all the minerals they want, but unless you enjoy eating your toothpaste for dinner it won't help.

Heat Added this toothpaste is class, and it tastes like Murray Mints

Tried a variety of Sensitive brands including the new Arm & Hammer one but always return to Pronamel - it is the best for sensitive teeth and you certainly notice the difference when you try other brands, great find at a £1.

You can get this online at tesco.com too for £1!

thats annoying!!! i went to borehamwood tesco today and it was £3.95!!!! must be selected stores only.

Not at my tesco's in North Wales, good deal though. Heat added.

It isn't online for delivery at whatever my local store is. Instore though they had the new 100ml for £3.96. However, behind the larger tubes, were the smaller 75ml ones which scanned at £1 so do check the shelves carefully as at a glance they look the same. No SEL for the 75ml ones.

They're obviously taking the opportunity to significantly increase the price as the 75ml used to be £2.67 which would make 100ml £3.56.

Found these in Port Solent Tesco! Had to rummage behind the 100ml packs to find them behind. No price ticket anywhere but asked a lady to check the price and they were a £1! Stocked up.
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