Sensodyne Rapid Relief £2 at Morrisons

Sensodyne Rapid Relief £2 at Morrisons

Found 18th Dec 2016
Great price and at least 50% cheaper than anywhere else.. Works quickly with sore teeth
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I've just bought the Lidl sensitive one at 39p and it actually works much better than all the other expensive ones I've tried. Worth a try if you live near a Lidl.
Thanks, I will have to try it..
Have tried lots of different ones (cupboard full), but only the "rapid relief" seems to help & put it on Hot Deals as £2 is a great price compared to other supermarkets & even Wilkos where it is £3...
Found it in my local Morrisons for £1 a couple of months ago, absolute shed load of it on the RTC shelf, didn't last long mind (Not the actual toothpaste, I haven't got round to trying it yet)
I found the repair version the best so far even if it did take a few uses to get used to it. There are tiny particles that help with the enamel which is pretty good but sometimes at first there's a bit of sensitivity, it fades then disappears quickly. Quality brand. Thanks for posting OP.
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