Sentimat Oxi-Power, Or Color, Washing Powder XXL, 3.6kg, 60 Washes, £2 In Store @ Poundland

Sentimat Oxi-Power, Or Color, Washing Powder XXL, 3.6kg, 60 Washes, £2 In Store @ Poundland

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3.3p a wash Re my recent Deal for Sentimat Color XXL (3.6kg/60 Washes) which was £5…992 tonight in Argyle Street, Glasgow store they are £2 a pack! (Just as you walk in, Argyle Street entrance, past the trolleys)
2895172.jpgI did ask if the pink box Color variety is the same price but the assistant didn't seem sure (the Color packs are behind the blue Oxi-Power packs, pictured).

The blue Oxi-Power pack scans at £2 (I checked)

Obligatory receipt (though the entry was voided, you can clearly see the Sentimat is £2)2895172.jpg
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How does it wash? Any good?
Also saw these (at the hair section, past the toiletries/pharmacy items) 33270284-5JwvT.jpg
veedubjai57 m ago

How does it wash? Any good?

Unfortunately I'm still working through a Surf pack and haven't used the Sentimat yet. It's made by Rosch Swiss who made/make Prudax, which was a regular in Morrisons till a few years ago. (Which was 90 washes for £6). Not seen it in Morrisons for a good 3-4 years, though.

I can say Prudax, from the same manufacturer, was good, certainly no issues with it or discernable difference from other washing powders. Here's an older MSE discussion about Prudax…985
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Will keep an eye out for this, thanks.
Thanks hun you always post solid deals. I read the old forum looks like its champion for whites im gonna pop along now . Thank u
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Just to confirm that both varieties (Color and Oxi-Power) packs are £2. Plenty left tonight.33282083-vMGi4.jpg
Had a few washes from the Blue Sentimat box (Oxi-Power). Washes well, no difference to my usual Daz/Surf/whatever is on offer Worth buying
Got 3 boxes today from Hindpool Retail Park in Barrow In Furness
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