Sentinel: Mars Defense - Free for a week at itunes

Sentinel: Mars Defense - Free for a week at itunes

Found 6th Nov 2009Made hot 9th Nov 2009
Sentinel: a premium sci-fi strategy game.

Its war. Earth's first off-world colony is fighting for survival against a savage alien onslaught. Mars is under siege and thousands of lives are on the line. Humanitys only hope is you, the commander of the dropship Sentinel. Welcome to the future of Tower Defense!

Deploy sophisticated turret technology across the Martian landscape to halt the alien advance. Protect walls and barriers that block the enemys path to your base. Upgrade your weaponry, or release robotic drones to repair buildings and harvest resources. Watch the battle for the planet unfold in beautifully rendered, atmospheric graphics.


- Specialised structures and units provide unique tactical gameplay.
- Use the landscape and destructible defenses to maximize the effectiveness of your weapons.
- Resource harvesting and interest system adds a new dimension of risk and reward.
- Assault mode provides hours of play; endurance mode is an endless challenge.
- Visually stunning environments, towers and enemies with fluid zooming and scrolling.
- Compete for high scores with players worldwide, or challenge your friends directly.
- Save your progress at any time. Automatically saves during a call.


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This is a great towers game. I have it and recomend. If you like tower dence games get this NOW.

Thanks :thumbsup:

Brilliant game. One of the few games I missed once I got rid of my iPhone. Great post.

This game is ace!!

Wow, this is a steel of a deal! One of the best TD games on the iPhone, along with Creeps! and Field Runners! HOT!

ta - downloading now - i like a good TD game

Thank you. Downloaded & installed.

Reminder to everybody who has missed this thread until now that the period of free downloading is almost over...



Now 59p... marked as "Expired".


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