Sentinel X400 system restorer £10 (free delivery) @ Plumbnation

Sentinel X400 system restorer £10 (free delivery) @ Plumbnation

Found 8th May 2017
Was looking to do a manual flush of my system and couldn't find this cheaper anywhere. Abit pricier than some brands but has really good reviews.

Abit of blurb below:

Sentinel X400 High Performance Cleaner is specifically designed for cleaning older central heating systems. It is a non-acid treatment which restores circulation to radiators and pipework. Its ruthlessly efficient formula shifts built-up magnetite sludge, eliminating cold spots in radiators and restoring proper heat distribution.


Restores systems suffering with circulation problems

Eliminates radiator cold spots

Prepares older systems for the installation of new components

Has a non-acid formula which does not cause pin-holing or leaks

Can be used in all types of indirect heating systems, including those containing aluminium
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Good price - I used some of this over the weekend. It's about £17 at both amazon & screwfix. I think it was this price on Friday, I needed it for Saturday so I didn't go for it but I saw it was £10 at plumbnation. After flushing the system you'll need x100, this £9.99 at screwfix but £13.71 at plumbnation so worth grabbing that one from screwfix if you have one near but this is a good saving on the x400!
So why has this gone cold?

I read the title and for a moment wondered why Plumbnation were selling computer software
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