Serano S105BG09 TV Stand - Up to 42" Televisions - Collect from store @ PC World

Serano S105BG09 TV Stand - Up to 42" Televisions - Collect from store @ PC World

Found 10th May 2012
SERANO S105BG09 TV Stand - for up to 42" Televisions

This seems to be a steal at this price! Usually over £80 for these stands.

"4 black powder-coated metal pillars, which support the sturdy shelves, while a central cable-management column at the rear, which keeps your cables out of the way - keeping all the members of the household happy!"

I checked stock five mins ago and they have some at Bridgend as it's the closest to my postcode.
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good if you can find one in your area..heat for the price!

Yeah, I thought I'd post as I know there is stock not that far away from here at least! I assume there will be stock elsewhere.
Damn none in a PC world or currys near me could have done with one of these aswel
There's no stock within 100 miles radius from where I live.:(
None in stock within 1000 miles.

There's no stock within 100 miles radius:(
yeah when you see the price like £16.97 focus on the .97 part as this usualy means end of line stock suggesting it wont be everywhere and will be limited but if you can pick one up online from these sometimes they do have stock that they will ship direct from storage warehouse but this can take afew weeks for delivery (_;)
To search slightly further afield simply click on the "Search further away" button located below and we will automatically search the next closest stores for you.....Mexico still out of stock..heheh X)
No stock - no deal.
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